What We're Reading.

Well, more like, "reading".

Anytime we find a new blog, site or Tumblr that we obsess over, it's only right that it's shared with you, am I right?

So yeah, this one was discovered after she started following our Twitter account (@ucappetites, come follow, fuckers!). While she goes by @tieandbeg on the old Twitter, the name of the Tumblr is Beg and Tie. If I'm confusing you, the internet isn't for you.

For example. THIS was on her blog. I KNOW. Leg warmers, right???

Long story short, she followed us, we looked at her Tumblr, got turned on, decided we'd be using several photos she's found, and the rest, as they say, is jerked off to.

Or history. They do still say history, right?

To say that her mix of naked women, couples mid-fuck, GIFS, cakes and appealing non-sexual photos are a real turn-on is to belittle turn-ons. Go find out for yourself, would you?


  1. what a fun find. started following her as well considering your recommendation and we already follow a number of the same people.



  2. Glad to hear it, GD! It's a hell of a find.