Cover Me In You.

It had been a while since I came on Violet's face. But due to our fixing that this weekend, I thought I'd make a theme of it.

Well, face being just one of the targets...

Best lollipop ever.
What a perfectly ripe and delicious asshole you have there. Don't mind if I aim right for it.
Shit, missed!

That little string of spit? Mmm...

She looks exhausted. Shocked. And HAPPY.

Yeah, go ahead...


Never for a second would I doubt her tits' abilities to milk a man.

Uh oh, you're gonna drip in that pristine water.

Going out? Or back in? Or, even hotter, second in line?

Going the distance!

His cock looks blurred out.

This is ridiculous (-ly awesome).

Why yes, I DO need a necklace for he party later...

Is that cum dripping out of you or are you just happy to see me? Oh, it's cum? Cheater!

A talented woman you have there.


  1. Yea, that exhausted and shocked one...damn. Love it. Great post!

  2. That last picture is epic. And the tits milking the cock. I said it once and I'll say it again, I'm such a tit girl...

  3. @Goodwill - That half smirk? So good! I bet she's a real smart ass and the type of girl all guys want to fuck.

    @Barenaked - Agreed. Upside down is the way to take it. Violet saw Camille do it in a vid once and pulled me over to the bed. It really lets you take it much deeper into the throat. I'm hot just thinking about it.