Analog Girl in a Digital World.

Sometimes, we feel like all the porn we look at is the same. We complain about this frequently, as I'm sure you've noticed.

via Call Me Balthazar
Occasionally, we come across something so delightfully out of the ordinary, that we have to share it with you. Without further ado, let's talk about Sonia and Balthazar.

These two are the proprietors of Call Me Balthazar, a gorgeous and refreshing blog full of perfect photography and thrilling ideas. You can go there and find out how great it is for yourself. What I want to talk to you about today is the most fantastically analog thing I've heard in ages: dirty pictures in the mail. For a nominal fee (I mean, for real nominal, $5 a month), they'll actually mail you a dirty picture a month.

Look, this is awesome for a few reasons.

First, there are few pleasures I relish more seriously than getting mail that is neither a bill nor a credit card offer.

Second, (please be patient, you know how we are about this) this is a rare opportunity to directly support an artist for their work.

And finally, if the grid goes down, you'll have some analog porn around for when the going gets tough and horny.

Go check out their stunning work and support these nerds with a great idea!


  1. This is tres cool.

  2. indeed! wow. $5 well spent for sure. i'm signing up!

  3. This seems like way to consume porn that will authenticate my culturally relevant, independent lifestyle and enhance my personal brand.

  4. This reminds me of an initiative I heard of a while back.
    See, when I was younger (so much younger than toooo daaayyyyy) the best way to find porn was disgarded mags near railways, or up the heath. This, now I think about it, seems disgusting, a teenager idly flicking through someones used porn, but hey... it worked.

    The youth of today will never ever know the thrill of not knowing when their next awesome find will be, forever keeping one eye open for a folded up copy of Razzle hidden in the bushes.

    The campaign was asking the 30 somethings of the world to buy up real life magazine porn and distribute in the old locations hidden enough from view but equally discoverable.

    Anyway... yes. Porn in print. I'm all for it.


    1. YEAH. See, now we're talking! Love this idea.

      We've recently begun purchasing old porn mags, dating pre-1985 or so. A lovely hobby, and some of the photos are sort of stunning.