They're Food People.

We're sex people.
We're music people.
We're comedy people.

But if someone we knew were to define us by our single biggest passion, they would say, without exception:

They're food people.

There has been much discussion going around on Twitter lately about passions and how they weave into each other. For instance, food people are often sex people. But sex people are ALWAYS food people. Or so some claim.

We definitely know some people REALLY into food or music, often tiomes both, and have really no interest in sex. This disrupts our claims that passion breeds passion. In our case, we're passionate about all of the above, and one passion only feeds into that other passion.

We think about food in the same way we think about sex. Using the finest ingredients, infusing them with love and care; celebrating your meals, even if they're something you take part in everyday; always thinking about the next meal, or project, or restaurant you want to fill your face at. Sometimes it's a greasy spoon, sometimes it's a steakhouse, often times it's your favorite spot, one you find comfort in.

These are all key factors to a solid food life, just as they are to a solid sex life.

In that vein, watch this video, which is about food. Bread, in particular. But more than that, it's about life. And love. And passion. And will make you want to do sex to someone. That is, if you're anything like us.


  1. Sex people.
    Music people.
    Comedy people.
    Food people.
    My people.

  2. Ahhh, yes...we are certainly Sex, Music, and Comedy people but I never really thought about being Food people because neither one of us is over the top amazing at cooking like you described above. But, you have a point and I have to reconsider. We spend a LOT of time planning the next restaurant and meal and I am in love with us sitting at our favorite old diner every Sunday morning. Thank you for changing my mind!


    1. Yeah, totally! Food people come in all shapes and sizes, just like sex people! And oh, OH, how I love diners.

      - Violet.

  3. Sex, music, food all definitely intertwine with me... I just can't blog about sex. Wish I could....

    1. That's awesome! But why no sex? Family reading you?