Another Reason to Love Sundays.

Well, then. Thank you for this, Vimeo.

This is like living inside the head of this woman's ex-boyfriend and feeling deeply, deeply regretful that we let her slip away. Why does this make us extremely horny? Dunno. But it really does. We wish this were at least one year longer. As I'm sure he did as well.

The shot at :35 is basically the sexiest thing I've seen all week. But don't take our word for it. Hang onto your boners and see for yourself!


  1. Man, yeah I would be regretful to let her go ;)
    Her lips are so sensual and sexy, as is the rest of her. lol I am for one a big fan of fair skinned maidens :)

    1. Yeah, Violet DEFINITELY found a good one here.


  2. so tasteful and beautifully done.

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