The Desire Project.

Oh, duh. Of course we love this. Don't you? You probably already know about it. But, on the off-chance that you don't, please watch the below. The first five seconds alone are worth the whole click and make me laugh every time I watch it. Guys, I've watched it a lot.

That’s What She Said is an ongoing documentary series created by Victoria Floethe and Kate Rose about "what women want and how they get it." I mean, every single time I watch one of these, I end up shouting, "YES! EXACTLY!" at least once. 

Talking about what makes women turned-on is obviously very relevant to our interests. Partially because I am one and because Rye continuously and attentively fucks one, but also because it's part of the reason we started Uncommon Appetites in the first place. Earth, I'm here to tell you, to settle it once and for all, women love to fuck. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. If your woman does not love to fuck, you might not be doing it correctly! We also stare at you lecherously on the street (as Cindy Gallop announces proudly in her interview). We also really, really love forearms

The ideas and stories articulated by the women in these videos will absolutely strike a chord with every single one of us. The incredible fact that so many of these universal truths have hitherto gone relatively unspoken will blow your mind. Did you think that you were the only one who ever jerked off thinking about your professor's forearms? You're not. One of the very first things that attracted me to Rye was a tattoo on the inside of - you guessed it - his forearm. I mean, FOREARMS! It seems so intrinsically rooted in the clits of women everywhere, but men always seem to be incredibly surprised to hear it. 

I can't wait to see what other commonalities we uncover with each other. Spread this amazing shit around, would you? The bottom line is that the more we learn about our own desires and the desires of other women, the quicker we can get to work on satisfying those desires. And satisfaction just so happens to be one of our favorite principles. 


  1. Amazing. Now someone find my sex drive please. Seems to have gone out the door since kids.

    1. Oh no! It's there, somewhere. And if you're reading our blog, you're certainly trying to find it, at least, which is a big chunk of the battle.