The Best Thing I Ever Done.


Yeah, just seeing the word makes us feel feelings too. We had a reader request yesterday to add a video about pizza to our growing list of local food videos we've been giving to you on weekends. And of course we knew the perfect one.


The name here is bandied about any time someone asks about the best pizza in New York (this is a frequent conversation, and EVERYONE has an opinion, and it's ALWAYS an agressive one).

Here's what DiFara has going for it: this guy's been making every single pizza his restaurant puts out. That's right. EVERY pizza. Since he was 26.

And now for a sad admission: we've never been. I know. I know. It's certainly something we feel bad about. And among the list of best pizzas in NYC, the only place we haven't tried.

We're people that make extra time on east coast road trips to pop in for a Frank Pepe's pie, so it's shocking to us as well. Even with the increasingly frequent health department closures. Perhaps watching this video will drive us to finally head out there and deal with the fucking line and the hour or two wait for a perfect (and maybe slightly unsanitary?) pie.

Or we might just go to Totonno's again...

The Best Thing I Ever Done HQ from Margaret Emily MacKenzie on Vimeo.

Sorry, the filmmaker won't allow embedding of this video, but click the link above to get your Brooklyn pizza on.


  1. Excellent choice, kids. I hope you get out of bed and get your fine asses to Midwood soon, you will not be disappointed, I promise. Since you are in the same borough, I suggest you try to have as many of Dom's pies as possible before he finally retires. It won't be long, I'm sure. Just go on the early side, the wait won't be too bad, and it's all part of the experience. As for sanitation, best not to think about it. I've had the privilege to hang out behind the scenes at DiFaras, and I'll just say that it's no surprise that he's had run-ins with the HD. I don't worry about it, and just assume that 700 degrees is hot enough to render the pies safe.

    And bonus points for mentioning Pepe's, my benchmark for what a perfect pie is. I'm there as often as possible myself. And Totonno's. Yep. You'll add Paulie Gee's to your top 5 list, once you've had it, trust me.

    1. I mean, having a wise pizza guru around is really such a pleasure. We promise we will make all these things happen and report back.

      - Violet.

    2. Guru, no. Serious disciple, for sure. I just know what I like, and have a good sense of what you would. Also, you are closer by, at least one of us should be getting the goods.

      I forgot one major one: Best Pizza in Greenpoint. Grandma slices are spot-on, and the meatball sub is fucking insanely good.

    3. Oh, we'll definitely be getting the goods! And are adding Best to the list, since the grandma slice is an underrated masterpiece. L&B is our current favorite for the grandma, so we'll be glad to challenge it!


    4. Oh, yeah, L&B rocks. It's much thicker than the Best grandma slice (which I think is more authentically grandma-ish) but it is a killer square slice. Let me know what you think once you get to to Best.

    5. Can't wait now! As soon as it warms a bit and the G train is a little more reliable, we're all over it.


  2. Another place to add to my list. Thanks!