If Sex Sells, Sell Sex.

We've recently found ourselves talking, quite frequently, and with many varied people, about this issue of Good Porn. And the lack of it.

If we begin to embrace sexuality more openly and accept that sex is healthy, natural and something to be celebrated, in the same way we're celebrating food these days, then the room for innovation is endless.

And yes, this applies to selling products.

Why, for instance, have Converse (see screengrab), or Levi's never grabbed onto real world sex as a way to sell their products? Damn near weekly, someone gets to our blog by searching "hot girl Chucks". Seems like a no brainer to us.

American Apparel is the closest to really embracing this concept, in America anyway. Their ads featuring Sasha Grey, or with women showing bush or full ass are popular. And seemingly everywhere in New York. And guess what? A lot of cool young people wear their clothes!

Ren, apparently, also gets this concept. Of COURSE, this ad is not American. But we can only hope in several years, maybe it will be.


Oh, and to those that say, "what about children seeing this???" I'd much rather them see this than a beer ad during the Super Bowl that trots out the same old, "men aren't really fond of women but they put up with them" trope. Or shit, something with violence in it.

I'd be psyched if my kid watched this and thought, "I want that when I grow up." Because I've had this and it's been some of my greatest moments on this planet. I was taught to be responsible, but have fun. And I have. And do.

So bravo to you, Ren. Bravo.


  1. Freshwater lakes have potentially lethal amoebas and shit. I heard about a woman who died 48 hours after swimming because some water got in her nose and gave her a brain infection.

    1. My God! Is that all you guys think about? Amoebes and bacteria? Do you think they will all come out to watch when people start having sex in the water? And shoo away if there's just some innocent swimming going on? Or do you oppose to swimming in lakes as well? Do you prefer the heatlthy chlorine smell of swimming pools?
      It sure is a beautiful ad. And yes, since you ask, I've had sex in a lake. Definitely some of the best I've ever had.

      Bridget from Belgium
      (a regular reader but not commenter - but this was just too ridiculous to let go :-)

    2. BA HA HA HA. You guys are killing us with this thread. So hilarious.

      And Bridget, thanks so much for piping in! Quite happy to hear from you.

      - Violet.