Violet's Sex Diary: Part 3

And here it is, everyone, the final installment of Violet's Sex Diary. I bet you thought you were only getting seven days, didn't you? Well, we're good to you, so you get ten. That's right. We were so happy that you ate up Part 1 and Part 2 of this series that we decided to give you more.

Get to it!


We were both so hungover the day after dinner with the Make Love Not Porn crew. I played hooky from work, which turned out to be incredibly opportune because it was GORGEOUS outside. I ran some errands, reveled in the attention of the swarms of construction workers and other men wearing their boners on their sleeves that day. A little bit of sunshine turns the men in this city into sex animals.

One notable highlight from a sweaty, muscled, rather hot construction worker: "DAMN. Why you gotta be everything I've ever wanted?"

I love springtime.


10:00 pm: After a trip to the gym and a quick shower, we decided we should finally shoot that Tom Waits video we've been discussing for so long. It required a shot and a beer. And several takes (a few of which I think were Rye's way of making me shake my ass for him a little more).

11:00 pm: In the middle of the last take, Rye pulled me to him, shoved his tongue down my throat and threw me on the bed and ate my pussy for a full half hour. Satisfied with my massive orgasm, we then fucked ferociously and with a variety of toys. After the cock ring we were using died out, we pulled out the We-Vibe, which was ALSO in need of a charge. I pulled out the Lelo Uma, and guess what??? Motherfucker! But don't worry, it all worked out. I came three times and Rye filled my pussy with a characteristically impressive load.


9:00 am: Made sure to charge all our chargeable FUCKING toys!

10:00 am - 3:00 pm: Edited the Tom Waits video, which kept giving both of us outrageous boners. I made Rye breakfast, we made a out a little. But right back to editing. And boners.

7:00 pm: Had a dinner, followed by a birthday party to attend. Before leaving, we put some Rocket Balm on each other. Before getting out of the building, we made out on the stairs. Rye slipped a finger in my cunt and buried his face in my tits. We DEFINITELY were gonna go after each other later.

3:00 am: Whoops. Got totally HAMMERED at birthday party and passed the fuck out. I don't know guys, sometimes this is just life.


10:00 am: Nursed hangovers. We're getting pretty great at it at this point. Re-edited another video, yet to be released. Got really turned on again. Because, duh.

7:00 pm: Got all dolled up and went to a fancy (and holy god, delicious) dinner for our anniversary.

10:00 pm: We came home stuffed full of luxury and cocktails, and slipped into something more comfortable. By this, I mean pajamas. We are hardly ever glamorous. As I dug through blog comments, Rye stealthily climbed over me, parked himself on the counter facing me, and gave me a show of jerking himself off. He'd intended to finish on my tits, but I got greedy at the last minute and shoved him into my mouth. I guess I was still hungry? Needless to say, this required a second dessert of Hitachi and Rye's fingers for me.


  1. Oh, the bonus days were definitely worth it! Isn't it amazing how when one puts on a little show, the other is destined to follow, whether you thought you were interested or not?

    1. I mean, it gets me every single time.

      - Violet.

  2. I fucking love springtime! Thanks for reminding me why.

  3. Rocket Balm! That shit sounds amazing! Gonna get me some of that to play with!

    1. It's like a little reminder to your clit to stay ready!

      - Violet.