Get Out Your Seat and Jump Around.

Remember yesterday when Rye complained about those videos you seek out, with a model writhing around on the floor, barely a nipple slip, that you endure just because it's a bit better than the rest of the garbage? Well, this is basically like that. Only a lot more fun.

So. Enjoy the hell out of this, get yourselves dude and lady-boners, and then I guess just use your imaginations for now? We'll keep digging. We promise!

Enjoy the weekend, lovelies.


  1. If you like that video, have you seen Katie West's? http://vimeo.com/26182968

    If I remember right, she was inspired by Daisy Lowe one.

    1. Oh, I like that! I especially appreciate that it was totally low quality, but that that was just kind of the point. Thanks for the tip!

      - Violet.