Pornographic Love.

If you've spent any amount of time perusing our blog, you know that we're big fans of Camille Crimson and the work that she and her boyfriend Mike Flirt create together on The Art of Blowjob. They've been working together for several years now, trying (and succeeding) to bring a fresh perspective to the world of professional porn*.

They focus on the sensual aspects of porn, shooting for beautiful porn and achieving it handily by creating gorgeous digital shorts focused on giving the loveliest blowjobs, enhanced by the shared love between the two of them. It's obvious they're enjoying it, which makes it even hotter for us to watch.

The porn they create is so good and beautiful that it's actually shaped the way we judge all porn. And now, most of it is falling short in comparison. Weeding through XTube has actually become a painful and frustrating experience. So instead, we spend our time looking for porn that's as sexy and well shot as Camille's. Luckily for us all, Camille and Mike seem to know this, so they teamed up with another couple, helping them create a website in a similar vein. Working under the same pretense, Lilyanne and Max from Pornographic Love are creating really fucking hot porn together and sharing it with us.

While appearing similar in style as The Art of Blowjob's videos, Pornographic Love is not focused exclusively on blowjobs, so the videos they shoot provide us with a wealth of amazing scenarios. 

From masturbation, handjobs, lots of doggystyle fucking, blowjobs and some impressive (and jealous-making) squirting, Lilyanne and Max really know what the fuck they're doing. 

And the fuck they're doing is probably going to make you want to fuck. Be forewarned.

*The porn that these sexy people create takes a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of energy. Not to mention a lot of risk to put themselves out there like this. If you like what they do and can afford to, please support them. We wouldn't want it to go away, would we? Then we're just left with close-ups of asses being fucked in bad lighting with a shaking camera. Unless you're into that, then have at it and ignore what we said here.


  1. Awesomely sweet !!
    Thanks a lot for your warm comment :)
    You are an inspiration...
    Lilyanne and Max

  2. Thank you for the links, already had some fun with them and they are now bookmarked.

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself :)

  4. Buddha - We knew you were a fan!

    Lilyanne and Max - More than welcome! And how flattering of you to call us an inspiration!

    Ella - You're QUITE welcome. Hope it was the kind of fun that can help you in your quest for slutty!

    Em - Happy to take those words out of your mouth then.


  5. All the porn stars have performed couple of blowjobs. I like the most Camille Crimson when she was fucked as dog style.

  6. Wow! Great photos. Thanks for the links. Definitely a fan.

  7. Quite welcome! Glad people are able to find something new that they love!


  8. I learned about you guys from the hairpin, and have been following lillyann and max on youporn, it's like everything is coming together! I'm loving your blog, so fucking hot, sexual inspiration! More videos!!

    1. That's fucking RAD! We are seriously in love with The Hairpin and were SHOCKED to see ours names on there. Glad you found us. And yeah, we've been Twitter pals with Camille Crimson for a while now and she helps run P'Love, so it all comes full circle.