Five Examples of a Three-Way.

Not that anyone needs examples. But we felt like providing you some regardless. Hopefully there are some good takeaways here.


  1. Gosh these look like wonderful sensuous fun, and yet, I've never been able to find the cojones to do it. Collectively we fantasize a lot about it, to the extent of imagining potential partners, but I'm not sure we'll ever go there. The Bennett-Darcys--monogamous since '94!

  2. So does this mean the two of you are branching out? Or that Violet has a graphic tale to share from her celebrated past? ;)

  3. We try to be open-minded to everything, but for now, I'm a one-Rye Violet and vice versa. But they sure are fun to look at...

    - Violet.

  4. To be sure, I COMPLETELY support your choice to be monogamous but full of fantasy. Same choices here.

    Having said that, you know you can't make this post without a good number of us fantasizing about fucking you both, right? :P

  5. SHOCKED to hear you say that! No one has EVER said such a thing.

    Ha ha. Yeah, we figured as much.