How did you guys ultimately decide to put yourselves out there so fully and raw for everyone?

We wrote about this quite a bit in the early days of the blog, but now it's just a thing we do, so it's fun to think about the roots sometimes.

After being a few years into our relationship, we began to really explore each other in ways that neither of us had with other people. We dug into anal play, spanking, some light bondage, sex toys, mutual masturbation, sexting and all sorts of other fun shit. Then it came time to talk about porn. In the past, I had a partner that frowned upon it in a major way. And also frowned upon sex. So naturally, I was well versed in not only jerking off to porn, but in hiding it.

So I hid it for a while from V. Which is ridiculous, because she's incredibly open-minded and about the coolest woman you'll ever meet. She in no way fits any media stereotype about women, as many of our female readers also don't. Because fuck that stereotypical bullshit! Women are horny too!

Proof of this female horniness of which we speak. Also, breaking our rule of tumblr exclusivity on this one. Ah well.

Anyway, we started talking about what kinds of porn we like. And then would share our ideas of good porn. It became a sort of challenge to hit on exactly what the other person would enjoy. And it just so happens that we like very similar things in our porn. Then one day, we stumbled upon a blog, written by a couple, that we really, really enjoyed. And we got to talking.

At first, it was just going to be stories and photos/videos we found that we enjoyed.

But then we took a few photos. And got a better camera. And talked about a video. And then another video.

We find, more and more that the world lacks the type of porn we enjoy. So we've begun setting out to make the kind of material we want to see. Photos are plentiful and delicious, but videos are really lacking. With Vimeo and new dSLR's making artistic and stylish videos easier than ever, it seems silly that the porn world hasn't gotten there yet. We're hoping to help lead the charge, along with a select few people that have been there before us. A certain redhead has provided some inspiration, as most of our readers know by now.

Anyway, ramble over.

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  1. That pussy pic is to die for

  2. You said you hid your porn watching from V. Was she secretly watching porn too, or did she really get into it after you revealed your taste for porn. I watch it, but hide it from my husband because I'm embarrassed to tell him. What kind did V like before you all starting exploring it together?

  3. Callie - I have to admit that when I am looking for wanking material, I usually go straight to the imagination and I also like to (nerd alert) read other people's sex stories. I like watching porn with Rye, and I also like finding porn to share with you guys, but I rarely watched videos on my own before.

    That said, when Rye realized I wanted to watch porn with him, show him what I liked and see what he liked he was ABSOLUTELY thrilled. I am hard-pressed to think of a man who does not watch porn at least occasionally, so your husband probably has some tastes of his own.

    Watching porn and LIKING porn is definitely not something you should have to feel embarrassed about, which is sort of our whole message over here. I'd put money on the fact that your husband would be delighted to see what you like.

  4. I have to say guys, that you are absolutely amazing!

    I've been meaning to comment for a while, but just haven't done it, so now is the time!

    You're blog is truly amazing, and you inspire me to be more open minded and adventurous.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Tsachi - Thank you so much! That inspiration is our whole goal here and we love to hear it's working!

    - Violet.