Rug and Tug.

Pubic hair is a major item of discussion online. And probably always will be. Just like coffee, everyone has a preference as to how they best enjoy (some only want tea...). Bush? Shaved? Landing strip? Penis instead*?

My personal take is that I want it however it comes. If V is feeling lazy, gimme that bush! If she's shaving it down to the skin, I want to lick that skin.

Mostly I want it to be changed up, like we do with our sex life. Stay the same and things get stale for me, so let's keep it moving, to the K-I-M (extra points if you can tell us the reference in the comments!).

We know many of you aren't quite as flexible as I am.

You like full bush and that's it.

Or bald as Yul Brenner or nothing.

So, because we're open about it, we gave you both options. Enjoy, perverts!

*But then a penis is still the same discussion! Does it never end?


  1. Last pic for me-bush glorious bush-armpit hair as well- gorgeous!
    K-I-M ........ Keep it Moist?

  2. That's one huge bush, isn't it? And love the tat as well!

    As for K-I-M, it's Keep It Moving, a reference to A Tribe Called Quest. #nerds


  3. I have to say i'm more of the clean cut type, but pic no. 9 does get my juices flowing...

  4. Tsachi - Amazing what morning light will do for big ol bush!

    - Violet.

  5. I ain't got no time for shuckin' and jivin' - yeah yeah to the K-I-M

  6. Anon - Totally never gets old, man.

    - Violet.