Some photos just bring out the yearn in me. Not quite sure what it is about them. I can never pinpoint it. But it's there, and I know it when I see it.

My brain thinks, "how can I do this?" My heart aches for a moment in time like this one. To be in that moment. To see this. Feel this. Taste this.

These are such photos.


  1. Fantastic pics!

    I don't know what it is, but tattoos just make me extra horny...

  2. Last photo for me - showing just one breast -just so sexy!
    Can we have a one breast shot of Violet please,God I'm horny just typing!!

  3. Tsachi - I could not agree more.

    Anon - We can probably arrange that!

    I just want those first two pictures to be my life.

    - Violet.