After 'Master Craft' (amazing btw), are you considering a Camille Crimson type video?

Oh, why thank you! (Here's Master Craft for those that missed it).

To be honest, we haven't even considered the next video. It took us almost a year to post the first one, so it will probably be a little bit before you get a second. As for a Camille Crimson style video, we totally love her, as you likely know, but we're anon, so shooting our vids involves a lot of hiding things we can't show.

Like my face.

Perhaps there's a way around this. We'll just have to make some attempts. I'm sure Rye won't mind the practice.


  1. Ah,go on just go for it - We won't tell a soul honest !!!
    Seriously,though,you're right!

  2. Sure, ok! Ha ha. We appreciate even being considered in the same league as Camille's vids!