More Than a Mouthful.

Let's allow the captions to do all the talking.

This is pretty much how I dream of V in the summer. You know, without the ciggy.

If those nipples could talk, they would be BEGGING for a sucking.

That light. Those little arm hairs. The gentle curve.

Looks just about perfect.

Not what I had in mind when I asked for a sundae, but let's fucking DO THIS.

So relaxed. And so impossibly, unfairly sexy. Even in an unrealistic shirt.

That hair. Those EYES. Those tits.

Yeah. V sent me a photo similar to this back in the winter. It's in the private collection.

Gimme that tit!

The knit bikini is RIDICULOUS. But impractical, which I'm a fan of.

HOLY. Reminds me of V. Delicious.

I think I know what you're doing...