Describe how you lost your virginity.

Was at a party with my boyfriend at the time, fooling around in his bedroom. I walked out, asked my friend for a condom, marched back in there and got shit done.

As for Rye, he had a late night session with his girlfriend at the time, using a condom a friend gave him. A ribbed condom. Things didn't go so hot.


  1. Its very rare to hear a "first time" story that's even remotely hot. My sad tale: Neither my girlfriend or I had a clue how to put on a condom. We fumbled around in the dark and messed up a half dozen or so before getting one on right. By then my dick was in some serious pain. A brief screw and the ordeal was over. So not hot...

  2. Yeah, incredibly rare. More often than not, they're stories of failure and embarrassment. Which is why waiting until marriage seems particularly bizarre to me, but that's another story all together.


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