Have you guys ever considered making a Tumblr? It's far more popular than blogspot so it's a good way to gain more exposure and I think you guys would really like some of the stuff that people post on there. Thanx for taking the time to answer, keep it up!

Yeah, it's certainly been considered.

But ultimately, and let me get really losery here for a second, we kind of enjoy being in this little corner of the internet. It makes it fun when people discover us. And really amazing when people like Camille Crimson and Fleshbot come find us, it makes it feel all the more special.

Also, we don't need 50,000 followers. We don't make money from this, it's just fun for us, so we just like appeasing the followers we do have. And they're loyal to boot!

And at this point, with Twitter and a Blogger, we're not planning on adding a Tumblr to the mix. Or going to Wordpress, even if it looks nicer/cleaner.

However, we do love Tumblr, and get a lot of the photos we share from a whole lot of lovely sex blogs that we're always tuning into.

So yeah, we're perfectly happy over here, but thanks for the question, and glad you're enjoying the goods!


  1. You don't want to go to Wordpress. If you use any tags they consider "off-color," you get banned from the tag page, which is where a lot of users would have found you. It's better to be here.

    And you're right: your followers are loyal! (glad you're back, btw.)

    Vickie P.

  2. Ah, quite good to know! Thanks for the great words of advice, Vickie!

    And thanks for the nice wishes, we're very glad to be back. But you could probably tell that already...



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