The Ballad of Ass Play.

Oh, assplay...how we've missed you.

Soon enough, love.
Soon enough.

It looks very nice. Now get to work.

I appreciate the skipped over pussy. Onto the ass, I say!

Spreading those cheeks like a fucking pro!

Speaking of being a pro. Get in there!!!

She's concentrating very hard. It looks like it's paying off.

Sure, you can lick them first...

One in the hole, one on the hot button. Cheers to you, sir.

Push them to the side and get right into it. Oh, then thank your lovely assistant.

His grip. Her gritty resolve. A match made it heaven.

Oh, now someone's gonna feel left out!

My, what a big cock you have, dear.

That thing could tear a dude up. I like it.


  1. Love the pics... bring back some great memories

  2. Excellent pix-last pic-can you imagine the fun you'd have with that!
    I'd love that up my ass while masturbating-thanks guys-I'm loving the new posts.

  3. August is turning out to be a real cock hardening month!
    I don't know where to start mmm I know Violet in stockings!!

  4. Charlie - Why just memories? Make some new ones!

    Anon - Thanks, August is certainly getting more love than July. Glad to be back in it. And yeah, that last one would tear and ass UP.


  5. Dear me, what have you done! I'm spent.

  6. Punishing you, obviously! Spent? Spent? Madness.


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