Thanks! Sluttery to Follow...

For the kind words.
Lovely and plentiful comments.
Wonderful emails.
Sweet Tweets.
Amazing nominations for Best Sex Blogger of 2011 (we'd love a few more...)!

And, you know, general perverted love from all you perverts and filthy fuckers. We might not be responding to all of the overwhelming love, but know that we saw it all and totally appreciate it. It's nice to be missed.

Speaking of missed, we missed you too. So hold onto your fucking hats! We're back, bitches.


  1. Let me tell you: this? Made my day. Welcome back you two. May you perve on for much longer.


  2. You're back?! Fucking awesome! Glad to hear you guys are healthy again and ready to get your kink on.

  3. Ha ha ha! Happy to see such enthusiasm upon our return. Quite pleased to join the world of the sexing again.