Touch. Feel. Taste.

Guys, oral sex is the best. Just the best.

So is vaginal. And anal. But go with me here...

Holding her up or pushing her down? Does it really matter?
Interesting choice, but if it helps you get it, then fucking GET IT.

Is he wearing slippers? What's the story here? Nevermind, I'm locked into her stare...

If you slap it, she will drool.

Never thought I would say this, but beautiful stubble.

I would like to be in that room.

Impressive handiwork. Plugged like a bowling ball and ready to play.

Oh man, that two handed squeeze...

The back of the tongue move is a lovely bit of innovation.

I have nothing to say, this just makes me hard.

Reminds me of the Psycho poster? But in a better way.

She has got her work cut out for her. But it looks like she knows how to handle it.


  1. Brilliant! What a way to end the month! Last pic just the best!

  2. Thanks! I'm all about the third to last, but then you knew that already!