A room full of sex noises. And plenty of people to listen. What better way is there to spend a weekend, really?

Whether it be three, four, seven or nine. Get a group together and let that shit HAPPEN.

"We can swap back later!"
A threesome where no one even has time to remove pants/panties/dresses? That's eager.

That greediness is just...MMM.

There's a lack of MMF combos where the guy is getting his from the guy. A rare exception. A very welcome one at that. 
Ok, maybe not that rare...
Coming AND going.

Nope, just pull it up, we'll be able to manage...

There is WORK going on in that room...

She seems so relaxed. So...contented.

"So, what should we, like, do next...?"

I wonder where this leads.


  1. Mmm A nice change of pace here - I'm still horny,so it's a win/win!!
    Girl with the hitched up denim skirt-sexy as fuck!!

  2. Love the last pic most of all.. getting to tease and girl not knowing what coming next...mmmmm

  3. We like to keep it fresh. And full of bodies.

    And yeah, agreed, that last one is just...