A Return: Rough, Rugged and Raw.

And so we return.

While we appreciate the sex bloggers that discuss other details of their lives on their blogs, we're not so into being that type of writer. Which is to say if we're going to your blog to get turned on, we don't want to read about your depression. 

Or injuries. 
Or illness. 
Or why your spouse is a dick. 

And it's because of that desire to keep sexiness separate from those things the polar opposite of it that we won't be filling you in on the details of our disappearance. Needless to say, it wasn't sexy at all. And, lest you're concerned, it had nothing to do with the health of our relationship, which is fucking fantastic, as usual. 

So let's move ahead, shall we? 
And what better way to start than with all that we've been unable to do lately? 
Rough fucking.


  1. Some of my favorite activities.... Loved the doggy style on a fallen tree... brings back some very fond memories...

  2. Ooh, intriguing! Woods sex? Buck naked? On a tree? Sounds like VERY fond memories indeed.


  3. Amazing set of photos. Don't think I will force myself to choose a favorite.

  4. Yeah, can't say I have a favorite either. Though that first one does have some winning qualities...