A Mouthful of Rye.

On Friday evening, before we settled into the couch for a movie night, I went to the fridge for some snacks. V met me in the kitchen, on her way for a drink.

Given her proximity, we settled into a rather hot makeout session at the fridge.
Which led to a longer makeout session.
To wandering hands.
To V lifted onto the counter, the soft and firm ripeness of her ass in my hands.
To pants off.

Thrusting into her.

But then pulling out. Covered in her slick, quickly appearing juices. Slippery as I worked my hand up and down my shaft, my head still buried in her delicate folds. She watched, moaning and yearning for participation, as I worked my way up and down.

Dipping back in for wetness. Out again almost as quickly. Working myself as V stared at me in heat. In disbelief. In a look that screamed, "UNFAIR."

Minutes passed and before I knew it, I was gushing into her. Filling her sopping cunt with my full load. As soon as I was able to function again, I pushed V down, sinking her full weight onto the countertop. Her pussy tilted up at me, full of hot cum and as wet as she's ever been.

I dove right in. Attacked her like she was an oasis.

One minute.
Maybe two.
Was all it took.

As she bucked herself into my greedy face, I was stunned to discover the hot, briny, plentiful liquid that had filled my mouth.

I pulled back, stared down at her glistening, convulsing body.
Leading my way up to her eyes, filled now with a look of utter disbelief.
Was this the fastest she'd come?
Maybe ever?

As she reeled, trying to process what had just happened, I swallowed hard, taking down the mix of our juices.

A full load.
And smiled at her.


  1. This is always my favorite... your stories of when you fuck! GETS ME SO HOT! Thanks for sharing... made my day so much brighter. And wetter.


  2. Fuck! You've done it again- Great tale,great pix (as usual).
    Like Eve - but I'm moist with pre cum!
    You guys are just the best!!
    Might just have to celebrate this post with a spot of masturbation!

  3. Pic 2- just so fucking hot!

  4. Oh, thanks @Eve! So glad to have you back around these parts. And now we know what keeps you circling!

    @Anon 1&2 - Thanks! Seems you're REALLY enjoying yourself with that male wetness...


  5. I am so thrilled to be discovering your site. It's terribly sexy without trying.

  6. We're thrilled you found us! Thanks so much for the kind words!