Fine Assets.

Oh, asses. What you do to me, you'll never, ever know.

Chucks and cunts.

That some nice light. Some long hair. And a fine ass.

Practice makes perfect.

And tug...

All heart shapes should be based on this one. Perfection.

Mmm. Goosebumps.

You look ready. In more ways than one.

To be a grain of sand on that ass...

No, that looks great, let's go out like that!

You look like a present.

I like where this is going.

Come on, just a little closer...

A fine target.


  1. Some very sexy asses here-the black chick especially-purple pussy!
    Have to say though,Violet's ass comes out on top (pun intended)!
    Might just have to nip back and watch vid again!

  2. Yowsa, buddy. What a delight to come home to. - V

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