Rye and I were just discussing when to make the switch from iced coffee to hot for the cooler seasons. If I could, I would keep 80 degree days and iced coffee around for six months of the year, instead of the three (more like two usually) months of summer we get here in NYC. However, Rye made a pretty good point that despite my insistence that summer is my favorite season, I also really love sweaters. And tea. And soup. And fireplaces. And fucking in front of them. And snowstorms. And fucking while it's snowing outside. You're getting the picture, right? One of the best things about the cooler months, is that they give us license to stay inside and fool around without feeling guilty for not leaving the apartment. In that spirit, here are some ideas of what to do inside with your dicks.*

If you're going to make me switch to hot coffee, this is how I'll take it.

Wait, is that going to fit in there? Let's try it anyway!

Just. Um. Yum. Okay.

She looks cold. I guess we better warm her up. What can we use?

Photographs rarely look this warm to me. I want to snuggle it.

WHAT? That butt. HOW?

First, I was just going to make a joke about how there were two of them. Then I realized how HUGE they both are.

Please, don't get up. I'll go down. 
*We realized that we'd separately written basically the same "transitioning to fall" post. I threatened to re-write this, but fuck it, lovelies, this is how our brains work! Wishing you warm, happy wanking.


  1. Happy wanking-that's been done a few times to this blog-love it,love coming to your pix and stories!
    I've wanked to Rye's cock as well - the last few pics-fucking amazing!

  2. We love an open minded wanker!