For us guys, any tips on penis shaving? I've always been hesitant to try but I think you've convinced me.

Prepare to be enlightened by my 8 point seminar on junk shaving:

1. Trim that shit down with a beard trimmer or something like it. That's assuming you're bushy as fuck, like most dudes.

2. Make sure you have a new blade on your razor.

3. Lather that shit up with conditioner. Cock. Balls. Asshole. Get it all covered. (Credit to V for sharing this tip, it really works.

4. Go WITH the grain. I've learned the hard way WAY too many times. It'll leave you with really red, bumpy skin for a few days after if you go against it. This means shave down.

5. Stretch everything as flat as possible. Cock, stretched all the way, expose those hairs. And then trim it down.

6. Go slow.

7. Balls require patience. And serious time. A more patience. Go slow. Flatten it, stretch it, go with the curves.

8. Jerk off. You've just been fondling your junk for about 20 minutes, shaving it in preparation to get someone to see it. Which means you're horny. And maybe erect. Take care of that shit.

Enjoy, perverts! Hope that was some help.


  1. Only if Violet does it for me! Fuck,that's made me so horny!

  2. Ha ha! Violet doesn't even do it for me. I take my balls in my own hands!


  3. This is my first time reading your blogs and I'm loving it, even the ones ment for the penis. Love what you said Rye :) it made me laugh "I take my balls in my own hands!"

  4. Ha ha. I mean, no fucking around with those things, for real.


  5. I bet! I'd be scared to have to do that. You do a real good job though Rye ;)