Smile, You're on Camera.

As many, many comedians have gone on to point out, sex is a weird and somewhat gross act. While I might not agree with them, I get what they're going for. The times I get this the most are when I watch porn where stone faced men slam into women that are giving their best fake moan and asking daddy to fuck them, using their oddest baby-talk voice.

Sex IS a bit ridiculous. You're taking a body part and rubbing it against or inside of another body part until one (hopefully both) body parts spasm uncontrollably. Let's not be too serious about it all. It's a bit silly and it should be fucking FUN.

I understand the need for focus. The desire to look cool. And the requirement of sustained rhythm and performance in order to get off.

But seriously.
It's ok to smile.
It's ok to laugh.
It's ok to change positions because that one you saw in that porn is fucking ridiculous.

That is to say, in our many, many searches for hot photos and sexy videos, VERY few involve smiles, laughs, or even excitement. Here's a few that we rounded up, we'll be on the lookout for more.

In the meantime, we hope you think about our message and loosen up a bit next time. It just shouldn't be that serious.


  1. The girl in the bar/cafe - brilliant - great ass! She's loving the attention,I think.

  2. She's gotta be! Oh how I've dreamed of doing that to V...