Letter from the Editor.

So, there's no new post today. Unless this counts as a post? It does? SHIT.

Ok, let me start over.

This is today's new post. It's me asking you what you'd like to hear about. Leave a comment on this here post or ask an Anon question on Formspring here:

Ask us anything. Make it filthy (doesn't have to be!). http://formspring.me/Voracious

We love our readers and want to know what you're looking for more of. So take this opportunity to ask/tell/beg us. And, you know, story ideas never hurt either.

Have at it, perverts!


  1. More stuff like the GIF above would be a great start. Loved the video you did last week. Possible to include even more moaning, groaning, and gasping in the next one?

  2. Alright, good places to start, for sure!

    And yeah, that video was our first, and so far only. It took us about a year of building a following to get there, so who knows when the next one will be. But we've certainly got some ideas, and we'll add your suggestion into the mix!

    ps The audio can be hard to get, as the camera makes sounds when you're altering the focal range, etc. Hence just the sound of V's orgasm on that first vid. Though thankfully we got that, because people seemed to go wild for it!


  3. That image has my fav porn star in the world (Avy Scott). You have a subscriber for life! By the way, your blog is incredible filthy...and I love it!

  4. Ooh, then lookout Google! Thanks for the tip. And for the subscription...

    We only have one mode, and that mode is filthy. Welcome to it!


  5. More pics of both of you please,not just in 2s but 4s and 5s,I seem to recall earlier posts had them -remember Violet in those orange stripy socks-Fuck!
    And as stated elsewhere a pegging photo set would be amazing (black&white) of course!
    No criticisms intended by the way-just thinking out loud with my wanking needs!!

  6. Great to know! We try to spread out the photo posts and leave you wanting, but who knows, maybe we'll give you big uploads every now and again...

    As for a pegging set, we'll get to work on that, I'm dying for a bit of it myself!

    Thanks for the comment!