The Morning After.

Friday evening found us at a party.
Tipsy on punches and the like.
Dancing in skimpy dresses.
Sweaty. Greedy. Slutty.
Riding the train home late with wandering fingers.

We fell right into bed, naked and ON IT. After a few VERY hard orgasms from V, I met her there, finishing on her lovely, glistening stomach. And then collapsing in a deep sleep only copious drinking and sex can bring.

Upon awaking Saturday morning, we found ourselves rocking mild hangovers, as one would hope after so much sugary booze and cheap beer.

Luckily, there's a time tested cure for such a hangover. We'll cut right to the end and let you imagine what that cure might be:


  1. Well, oh what for a night......... :) And when the morning comes, a happy wake-up.

    and I have also a surprise for you both too. Take a look at my side to the post " Red Riding Hood " !

    I hope you both will like it !

    Nice greets from Germany


  2. Posts just keep on getting better and better! Amazing pics! Just look at Violet's ass for a moment,absolute perfection!
    The photos were on my wishlist and here they are!
    Now for the video!!
    Thanks guys,you are a class above anything else out there!!

  3. I thought August rocked! But the September posts have been,well just out of this world!
    The prospect of a new video as well -OMFG!!

  4. Thanks for all the love! That video should be happening really soon, and we're really excited to share!


  5. And @Frez, an English post! Amazing! Great work.


  6. Good to know multiple people had fun drinking and fucking this weekend! Looks like your weekend started out in the best way possible, and I have no doubt continued to be amazingly dirty all weekend ;) Thanks for sharing!


  7. Sounds like a good time was had, Eve! Happy to hear it. Nothing better than some sloppy, hot, wet, drunk sex to kick the weekend off. And we certainly did keep it filthy the rest of the weekend. There should be video proof very soon...


  8. The times I've dreamed of unloading like that! My cum ends up on the screen!!

  9. Monoes - Gracias!

    Anon - That's what micro-fiber cloths were invented for!

    - Violet.