How should a guy prepare for his first anal experience and what should it be? Fingers, vibrator, strap on??

First ever, eh? How exciting!

Well then, Mr. Virgin Asshole, you should DEF start small. And with total control. By which I mean finger. Probably your index or middle.

Go take a nice hot shower, rub on that cock of yours until you start feeling ready to go. Then lube up a finger and slowly, slowly, SLOWLY slide it on up.

There are a few points to get past. First, the asshole itself, then the tighter seal just inside. Don't force it. When your body is ready it will allow you to move further up.

After that, start exploring. And don't forget your cock!

Once you decide if you like it, you might want to invest in a small plug. Then a vibe. Then a strap-on. And probably in that order.

Good luck, you've got me jealous about your virgin experience!


  1. This pic makes me want to dive in tounge first!

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