Summer Girls.

Oh, summer. Where have you gone? It seems like only yesterday we were begging for your scantily clad women to welcome us into your open arms.

But alas, you're gone now. We chased you to your fleeting end. And will search for a lingering taste all the way into October, when you will finally desert us, leaving behind chunky sweaters, apples and hot toddies. Which we'll come to realize isn't so bad after all.

Thanks, summer.

For what you were.
What you could have been.
And what you'll be the next time around.


  1. Another excellent set of pics! God,you guys make me so horny!
    Pic 1-sexy as fuck - please repeat but with Violet - she can wear a hat to hider face!
    There's just something about tan lines!

  2. Love the ass on the boardwalk!

  3. Correction hide her face-still can't type!
    I think I'll masturbate first then comment!
    Love you guys-September is off to a moist start!!

  4. that last pic looks like so much fun. It makes me look forward to hanging out with drinks and all my cute roomies.

  5. -Pic 1, totally hot. And VERY difficult to remake. Given our lack of even public sex at this point, it might be some time before we see that remake happen. And tan lines, too hot!

    -Boardwalk, gotta love the sneaking shot. Soooo hot.

    -Typing and wanking is too difficult and silly to even attempt, my cock needs full attention when I'm working it. Fine attempts though!

    -We like the idea of this roomie situation! Sounds like some fun is about to go down, eh?


  6. more than you know... there are 8 of us in this apt.

  7. Whoa! V spent a fair amount of time in large groups of girls growing up. It led to all sorts of antics. Largely sexual. Seems like you're bound for the same!