A Lust for Lust.

Um, holy shit.

I mean, there's really nothing more I can say about this other than it's really, really fucking hot. It's called, Cabaret Desire, the new film by Erika Lust, and is on its way to being my favorite film ever.

We've seen some of Erika Lust's work before, and she's been kind enough to feature our first video on her Lust Film Festival website (before Vimeo pulled us down, that is). This is clearly a woman that understands teasing, showing just enough and not too much and shooting the fuck out of her films. Nothing's changed there.

Want some lesbian shit? Covered.
Bondage scenes? You have no idea.
Gorgeous men diving into pussy? Done.
Hot women sliding onto cock? Sure!

Seriously, this is just the teaser. I for one can't wait to see the final film.

Check out the trailer below:


  1. Let me know if your clip is still up. I'd love to see it and possibly post to one of my Tumblr sites, The Infinite Ache. I share your love for Erika.

  2. It seems as if you've found it, eh? And yeah, Erika is the real deal. I don't trust anyone that doesn't love her work!