Hello Again.

Remember that hint we gave you?

You know, the one about coming back to this forum with our bodies on display?

Yeah, that one...



Is thing on?

Sibilance. Sibilance. Sibilance.

Check one.
Check two.


(Yeah. We're here. We'll be back real soon. We're looking forward to it. We hope you are too.)


Get Some Lips, Bitches.

Hey! Yeah, we probably owe you a post or 17 about what we've been up to, what our plans are, what life has been bringing us or not bringing us lately. And we'll definitely be working on getting that to you sooner than later.

For now, we have a bit of exciting news in that a new video we made last week is now live on MakeLoveNotPorn. This one started when I was at work and came home to Violet wearing my shirt. Then she put on lipstick. And the rest is captured here.

You can thank Beyonce for this. Apparently, V was home watching her new videos all day and got inspired. So thanks B!

And as always, if you rent one of these videos, let us know what you thought! We love hearing from you!!! Thanks so fucking much for the support!


Lips, Bitches. (A tease).

Yes, it's that time again.

We made a new video.
The story behind this one?

I spent the day at work.
Violet spent the day watching the new Bey videos.
I got home.
Violet was in my shirt.
She put on bright red lipstick.
Then she put that bright red lipstick to work.

The rest goes down in the boner popping memories of things I once could only dream of.


How We Spent Christmas.

Tis the season. 
Deck the halls.
Rudolph and the others.
Show me those tits, I want to come on them.

You know, all that.


Strap In.


It's been a while.
We could do the thing where we apologize for not updating enough lately.
Give you all the totally valid reasons why we haven't.
Make some excuses on top of those reasons to help further validate the silence.
And then apologize again.

Or, we could tell you we saw this REALLY fucking hot video and it made us want to share it with you, because we know you'll appreciate it just as much as we did.


Cocktail Hour - The Snaps.

Yesterday, we posted our TENTH video on MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. Which feels kind of insane to us. It probably does to you too.

Here's a sample of what's in that video. We'd love it if you checked it out. We think you'd love it too.


V+R's Top Ten Must See MakeLoveNotPorn Videos List.

Did you join MakeLoveNotPorn.tv yet? Maybe to check out our videos? Or at least the trailers? If you haven't, you should, it's free to join, so do it already!

If you DID join and maybe rented some of our vids but are wondering what else is worth checking out, we're here to help. We've rented a handful of videos and we've been enjoying what we've seen. So here's a list of our five favorite videos that we've rented, and a list of five we are going to rent real soon. Oh, and there are illustrations, because these illustrations are going to make blood go to parts in your pants, and that's always a nice thing to share.

V+R's "Top Five 'Get Us Going (In Our Parts) MakeLoveNotPorn Videos' List"

1. DALE COOPER AND COLBY KELLER. Seriously, just watch the trailer. It's gorgeous (we didn't just think of doing our new video in black and white out of nowhere). Stunningly well filmed. Edited wonderfully. And stars two incredibly attractive men. And they are smiling. And laughing. And doing some totally hot shit. Also, FOREARMS.

2. BZ and Gloria. We're thrilled that these two are fellow MakeLoveNotPornstars, as we've known about Balthazar and his amazing photography skills for many years. They were able to translate this style to video beautifully and as if that weren't good enough, the chemistry between this married couple is palpable. Seriously, it's in our mouths. Like, ALL UP IN IT. Oh, this also contains the most nonchalant fisting ever. Because isn't that what #RealWorldSex is about? Shit, it's only kinky the first time, then it's just something you do sometimes (or all the time).

Cocktail Hour - Teaser.

Boys and girls (stop reading this, you're too fucking young), ladies and gentlemen, sit down. Let us tell you a tale. A tale about the time we put electrical tape over our tattoos because we were tired of editing around them, flipped the camera to monotone and went to town on each other. It's a tale that will give you a boner, or get your pussy nice and wet. It's a tale as old as time, or some bullshit.

Anyway, we made a new video that we're pretty into and we hope you'll be as into it. The trailer is underneath this text, so go dig in(-to your pants). It will be up later today on MakeLoveNotPorn for the price of a latte. We'd be thrilled if you spent your latte money on us and opted for a Chemex coffee at home, because it tastes better anyway and plus, you made it with your own hands.


Gee Thanks, GIGI 2.

When LELO sends you an email asking if they can ship you their new g-spot vibrator to test, you don't say, "Oh, thanks very much, but traditionally I haven't had much luck with g-spot vibrators, so I'll pass." You just say yes. And also thank you. Anything else would be like getting a cooler of caviar shipped to you and deciding it's not really for you. So, when LELO asked if we'd like to try the GIGI 2, there was no discussion. The answer was yes. And thank you.

As I've just intimated, I have a pretty picky vagina when it comes to sex toys. But if anyone's going to convince me that a g-spot vibrator is for me, it's going to be LELO