Making You Wet.

To those that have been reading us for a long time, you already know about my underwater fetish. So this post will be fairly obvious to you.

To those that don't already know about said fetish, this post will still be hot as fuck. And perhaps you too will come away with a new fetish.

In either case, please to enjoy:


How should a guy prepare for his first anal experience and what should it be? Fingers, vibrator, strap on??

First ever, eh? How exciting!

Well then, Mr. Virgin Asshole, you should DEF start small. And with total control. By which I mean finger. Probably your index or middle.

Go take a nice hot shower, rub on that cock of yours until you start feeling ready to go. Then lube up a finger and slowly, slowly, SLOWLY slide it on up.

There are a few points to get past. First, the asshole itself, then the tighter seal just inside. Don't force it. When your body is ready it will allow you to move further up.

After that, start exploring. And don't forget your cock!

Once you decide if you like it, you might want to invest in a small plug. Then a vibe. Then a strap-on. And probably in that order.

Good luck, you've got me jealous about your virgin experience!

Three Rules to a Happy Marriage.

We posted this on Twitter the other day. It was mostly a clever way to Tweet slutty photos. But the underlying truth to all of these shouldn't be overlooked. For real, these are probably three of the most important elements, to our marriage at least.

I. Trust each other.

Check the Fridge.

If you've been a longtime reader of our blog, you've probably picked up bits and pieces about how into food we are. In fact, this pose you see Violet doing is her most famous. Bent over the fridge, looking for snacks to put in our mouths.

It just so happens that this was the first cool night after summer, so instead of nude, she graces us with one of my sweatshirts and very little else.

Winter looks a lot like this in the Violet+Rye household:


In your lastest video, what is the song playing titled? You have used the Weeknd before and I absolutely love your choice of music!

Oh, thanks so much! It's Frank Ocean, the song is called "Songs for Women." And his whole first mixtape is not only FUCKING INCREDIBLE and game changing, but also free. He's part of Odd Future and in our opinion, the biggest talent.

And yeah, the last one was The Weeknd, the song was "What You Need." Also a hot and pretty damn impressive free debut, if we do say so.

Great question, thanks for asking!

Fine Assets.

Oh, asses. What you do to me, you'll never, ever know.

Chucks and cunts.

I am meeting a couple for fun this weekend. Any special suggestions?

So it's an MMF, eh? Lucky you. Obviously, understanding the boundaries is key. But if you can make a DP happen, more power to you!

Oh, and sure, it's often considered a no-no in many MMF hook-ups, but you should probably work his cock if an opportunity arises. Why not? Imagine how much more fun the entire experience will be if there are just bodies and parts writing around, going in mouths, holes, hands, fee, armpits, nostrils (?).

Anyway, have fun with it. Maybe bring some toys for a warm-up and get to business! Enjoy!


Hmm. Thank you?



Without further adieu (you've certainly heard enough about it on Twitter), here is the second video from the two of us. We were shooting for 1,000 Twitter follows before releasing it, but what the hell, you're all lovely people. So have it at a little early!

This time you get a fair amount of Rye in the mix, combined much more of Violet than last time. I won't give away anything that happens, you can see that for yourself.

Needless to say, we think you'll really like this one.


The Morning After.

Friday evening found us at a party.
Tipsy on punches and the like.
Dancing in skimpy dresses.
Sweaty. Greedy. Slutty.
Riding the train home late with wandering fingers.

We fell right into bed, naked and ON IT. After a few VERY hard orgasms from V, I met her there, finishing on her lovely, glistening stomach. And then collapsing in a deep sleep only copious drinking and sex can bring.

Upon awaking Saturday morning, we found ourselves rocking mild hangovers, as one would hope after so much sugary booze and cheap beer.

Luckily, there's a time tested cure for such a hangover. We'll cut right to the end and let you imagine what that cure might be:


If we get a 2nd video (I'm sure we will - 917 & counting), will the both of you star? Violet solo or Rye solo? Violet pegging Rye? Fingers crossed for the last one! Love you guys!

You most certainly will, it's just a matter of when.

And you'll just have to wait and see, won't you? We wouldn't want to ruin the surprise...


A Lust for Lust.

Um, holy shit.

I mean, there's really nothing more I can say about this other than it's really, really fucking hot. It's called, Cabaret Desire, the new film by Erika Lust, and is on its way to being my favorite film ever.

We've seen some of Erika Lust's work before, and she's been kind enough to feature our first video on her Lust Film Festival website (before Vimeo pulled us down, that is). This is clearly a woman that understands teasing, showing just enough and not too much and shooting the fuck out of her films. Nothing's changed there.

Want some lesbian shit? Covered.
Bondage scenes? You have no idea.
Gorgeous men diving into pussy? Done.
Hot women sliding onto cock? Sure!

Seriously, this is just the teaser. I for one can't wait to see the final film.

Check out the trailer below:


Girls' Night.

It seems like this girls' night has ended as well as could be expected.

I shaved my penis and balls for the first time. Any advice on upkeep? Lotions, frequency of shaving?

Congrats on that! Did you go bald? I always trim my pubes down nice and neat, while shaving the balls smooth. It's just better, in my opinion. Makes for a more pleasant time when she sucks your balls deep into her mouth as well.

Since learning to shave with the grain, not against, I've found that the irritation is far less than it used to be, so there really isn't much need for anything in the lotion department.

As for frequency, probably not too often, but I get to work every couple weeks, maybe not the pubic patch, but trim those balls up and get them ready for some extravagant slathering.

Hope that was at least a little helpful!

If you could do anything to me, what would you do?:)

If you were my husband, I'd suck your cock dry, fuck your asshole with my strap-on, ride you until you were sore and make you clean up your mess.

With your tongue.

But then, you're not my husband...

Soft Light of Morning.

The fall is maybe our favorite season. While sure, summer is hot, lacking clothing, and all about the beach, fall presents the return hot coffee, soups, apples, cooler nights and a certain delicate light in the mornings.

You know, this light...


Plug It In.

Darlings, it's Violet. I have a few confessions:

1) I am extremely greedy when it comes to orgasms. I know, big shocker, but it bears repeating. I really like them. I like as many of them as I can have. And sometimes, I even like them as quickly as I can get them. Which leads me to my second confession:

2) When the Nexus G-Play arrived on our doorstep from Eden Fantasys, my response was not particularly measured or moderated. 

I wouldn't say that I tore the package open, that is probably a bit extreme. What I would say is that once it came out of the package it did not last very long away from the inside of my underpants. 


First of all I love your blog! Your blog is one of the only blogs I have found that the couple loves to be all about each other and not about swinging, S&M or cheating. It's great! Are there others out there doing the same or are you two one of a kind?

Thanks so much for all the kind words! We're blushing over here!

But let's get down to business. We were inspired by Jez and Cane over at The Secretive Slut. They've since died down, but the blog still stands, with all their sexy writing, photos and videos. We heard word of a return as a Tumblr, but no news on that front yet. They are incredibly sweet and very sexy. Find them here:


Also, relatively new to the scene is Anisa over at 10 Years In, though it seems it was never a blog by a couple, but rather her own thoughts. It's been a rough ride lately, but is certainly about the ups and downs of a relationship. We suggest diving in and see what you think:


In terms of professional, you can't get any better than Camille Crimson and Mike Flirt.

They pretty much own the genre of gorgeous, sexy porn videos:


Oh, and Camille blogs, which is pretty awesome:


And new to the game, with the help of Camille and Mike, are Lilyanne and Max, over at Pornographic Love, right here:


There's also the Mayhems. You may know Maggie Mayhem, who is now teaming up with her husband to roll out some serious nerd fetish porn. Find that at:


So yeah, there are a handful. We're probably leaving off some people we'll be really embarrassed about forgetting, but as far as sexy couples that are doing this sort of thing, that's what we've got for you right now. Enjoy yourself!

And thanks again!

How did I just find you guys? If I could make a request...an anal creampie would be so delicious...

I don't know! The important thing is that you found us. And there sure are a LOT of photos and stories to catch up on. Get to it!

As for the anal creampie, we'll just have to see. But will certainly be thinking of it the next time we indulge in one of our most decadent pastimes!

Thanks for the request! And enjoy the blog, pervert!

The Exhibitionists.

Confession time.

V and I have been together going on five years. In those five years, we've fucked close to one thousand times. We've fucked in public a total of zero times.

Car masturbation.
Fucking in a hotel window.
Fondling in the ocean.

I fingered her in a hot tub once.

That counts. I take it all back.


Hot and Helpless.

Just how fun are cuffs, you ask? This fun.

It doesn't hurt when there's a garter and some stockings in the mix as well...


The Backdoor.

We love anal.

Rye fucking my ass, me fucking Rye's ass, it's all part of the delicious, open, loving, nurturing sex life we enjoy together. Also, it's hot as fuck. And gets me dripping.


I'd love to see more pegging!

I'd love to get more of it!

But in all seriousness, there will definitely be more of that, don't you worry.

Thanks for the request!


Rye and I were just discussing when to make the switch from iced coffee to hot for the cooler seasons. If I could, I would keep 80 degree days and iced coffee around for six months of the year, instead of the three (more like two usually) months of summer we get here in NYC. However, Rye made a pretty good point that despite my insistence that summer is my favorite season, I also really love sweaters. And tea. And soup. And fireplaces. And fucking in front of them. And snowstorms. And fucking while it's snowing outside. You're getting the picture, right? One of the best things about the cooler months, is that they give us license to stay inside and fool around without feeling guilty for not leaving the apartment. In that spirit, here are some ideas of what to do inside with your dicks.*

If you're going to make me switch to hot coffee, this is how I'll take it.


My wife is too ticklish after an orgasm to continue trying for number two, any advice?

Give it a few minutes. Keep touching her in other areas that will have her going. And then fucking dive in. Sometimes the second is all about being firm, not gentle.

Or if she came during sex, go downtown and eat that pussy. Change it up. V usually likes to get one from mouth or fingers before getting one from fucking. But then sometimes it's straight to fucking.

Any way you slice it, just keep trying different things. Eventually, you'll make it work. And the attempts are pretty damn fun as well!

Letter from the Editor.

So, there's no new post today. Unless this counts as a post? It does? SHIT.

Ok, let me start over.

This is today's new post. It's me asking you what you'd like to hear about. Leave a comment on this here post or ask an Anon question on Formspring here:

Ask us anything. Make it filthy (doesn't have to be!). http://formspring.me/Voracious

We love our readers and want to know what you're looking for more of. So take this opportunity to ask/tell/beg us. And, you know, story ideas never hurt either.

Have at it, perverts!


For us guys, any tips on penis shaving? I've always been hesitant to try but I think you've convinced me.

Prepare to be enlightened by my 8 point seminar on junk shaving:

1. Trim that shit down with a beard trimmer or something like it. That's assuming you're bushy as fuck, like most dudes.

2. Make sure you have a new blade on your razor.

3. Lather that shit up with conditioner. Cock. Balls. Asshole. Get it all covered. (Credit to V for sharing this tip, it really works.

4. Go WITH the grain. I've learned the hard way WAY too many times. It'll leave you with really red, bumpy skin for a few days after if you go against it. This means shave down.

5. Stretch everything as flat as possible. Cock, stretched all the way, expose those hairs. And then trim it down.

6. Go slow.

7. Balls require patience. And serious time. A more patience. Go slow. Flatten it, stretch it, go with the curves.

8. Jerk off. You've just been fondling your junk for about 20 minutes, shaving it in preparation to get someone to see it. Which means you're horny. And maybe erect. Take care of that shit.

Enjoy, perverts! Hope that was some help.

Seeing your fine cock reminded me, how was the weed and bourbon? Did the weed give you a massive boner? And did you put it to good use? (That was silly bit to the question)!

Pretty much as good as it sounds. And weed is supposed to give you a raging boner? Wasn't aware. It definitely made me horny, which is always taken care of. But raging...not sure I'd go that far.

I'll have to pay closer attention next time...

You and Me.

Fall is a season for many things.

Earlier and earlier nights.
Red wine.
Open windows.
Roasted things.
Baths. Together.

We believe in all of these things. Firmly.


A Visit From The Cocksman.

You're sick of my pussy, my asshole, my tits and ass.* Right? I thought so.

Time for the meat.

Take a look at that thing. A thing of beauty, that.


More Than a Mouthful.

As you know from previous photos, Rye has an...ahem...sizable cock. And yet, I'm proud to say I can take that fucker down to the balls.

Skills, ladies and gentlemen. Skills.


Getting It In. And Out.

Not to sound weird or anything, but this is vaguely reminiscent of the gobstopper machine from Willy Wonka. I bet it makes similar sounds.

Or not. At all.

Any celebrit(ies) you would love to fuck? Have a threesome with?

Oh, you have NO idea. We actually compiled lists a while back. Ten each. Have at it:


Get It In.

Sometimes, you just want to see people getting it in. Today is one of those times.

Hold on tight, she looks slippery.


When you get down to fucking (after all the foreplay, oral sex etc.) how much time does it take for each of you to come to orgasm? And who comes first?

Good question!

Violet usually comes once or twice from oral, toys, fingers, etc. Then if it moves to full on fucking, it all depends.

If it's a quickie, a couple minutes, and we often will both come in that time.

If it's longer, then who knows. Maybe V will get there two or three times before I will once. Sometimes I come and then power on through to the second, getting her a handful of times in between.

Basically, V comes a LOT, oftentimes quite easily. And from oral, anal, handjobs or plain old penis in vagina. She comes without clit stimulation, with clit stimulation and yes, from just penetration.

And as cliche as it sounds, we come simultaneously. A lot.

Have a Question? Ask It!

Ask us anything. Make it filthy. http://formspring.me/Voracious

Pssst...you can TOTES be anonymous.

How We Have It.

There are times, when you're playing with your new cuffs, forcing her to come harder than she wants to with the Hitachi, spanking her bright red ass harder than you ever have to distract her from coming and forcing a fat dildo up her tight cunt that you take a step back and realize just how good you have it.

We have it good.


The Cocksman Strikes.

Somedays, your day at work sucks. It's the other end of a long weekend, the work's piled up and all you want to do is come home.

And then your husband sends you this:

Now I REALLY can't wait to get home.

Following on from the porn star question the other day: Do you watch together and do you ever masturbate together but not touch each other?

Yes. Yes. YES.

We both get off on watching.
On catching.
On sneaking.
On being watched.
On porn.

All of these add up to some hot experiences together.
Next to each other.
On top of each other.

Where do you find all these beautiful nude photos?

We actually just answered this one quite recently. Check here for the response:


Do you still have your first sex toy? If so, care to share which one? :)

It was called the Osaki Beaver. And was quite silly. My friends bought it for me back in high school and I stuck with it for quite some time, mostly because it got the job done.

It almost looks antique, doesn't it?

And no, I no longer have it, as I now have plenty of toys that work on similar areas, not to mention Rye's tongue, fingers and cock. So it said goodbye about a year or so ago. We had lots of good times together!

I Dream of Fucking.

Watching this video this morning, I found myself confused, transfixed and REALLY turned on. I don't really know what this is from or who it's by, but it got me going. So it's only fair that we share the wealth, right?


Find the video on Fleshbot, right here.

Smile, You're on Camera.

As many, many comedians have gone on to point out, sex is a weird and somewhat gross act. While I might not agree with them, I get what they're going for. The times I get this the most are when I watch porn where stone faced men slam into women that are giving their best fake moan and asking daddy to fuck them, using their oddest baby-talk voice.

Sex IS a bit ridiculous. You're taking a body part and rubbing it against or inside of another body part until one (hopefully both) body parts spasm uncontrollably. Let's not be too serious about it all. It's a bit silly and it should be fucking FUN.

I understand the need for focus. The desire to look cool. And the requirement of sustained rhythm and performance in order to get off.

But seriously.
It's ok to smile.
It's ok to laugh.
It's ok to change positions because that one you saw in that porn is fucking ridiculous.

That is to say, in our many, many searches for hot photos and sexy videos, VERY few involve smiles, laughs, or even excitement. Here's a few that we rounded up, we'll be on the lookout for more.

In the meantime, we hope you think about our message and loosen up a bit next time. It just shouldn't be that serious.


Long Weekends.

They make us feel something like this.

May yours be just as delicious.

Summer Girls.

Oh, summer. Where have you gone? It seems like only yesterday we were begging for your scantily clad women to welcome us into your open arms.

But alas, you're gone now. We chased you to your fleeting end. And will search for a lingering taste all the way into October, when you will finally desert us, leaving behind chunky sweaters, apples and hot toddies. Which we'll come to realize isn't so bad after all.

Thanks, summer.

For what you were.
What you could have been.
And what you'll be the next time around.


Emergency Boner Patrol.

Citizen, did you get that boner we mentioned earlier? If so, you're gonna want to know what to do with it. Something like this is a very good way to start.

Carry on.

What porn stars do you guys think are exceptionally hot? Besides Camille Crimson ;-)

Hmm. We have to admit that we're not HUGE porn buffs, as we tend to find more realistic sex far more interesting. So even though Camille is a "porn star", she's also in a relationship and a one cock woman. Which allows more intimacy and hence, something we're into. Also, her videos and photos are slick as fuck.

Along similar lines, we're pretty huge fans of IFeelMyself.com, for much the same reason. We're also big fans of Blue Artichoke Films and Erika Lust's work. Pornographic Love is new, but looks like it will be worth paying some serious attention to, if you catch my drift.

Overall, however, amateur videos are usually the way we go, though lately, XTube has become a minefield of just horrid, horrid shit. So occasionally, a Vimeo or two will pop up and we'll flip for it. Before it's taken down, of course.

In terms of honest to goodness porn stars, we find some interest in Stoya and Bobbi Starr. And V had a crush on Jenna Jameson for a little while, during her teen years.

Emergency Boner Supply Kit.

Citizen: do you not have a boner? Please remain calm, Beyoncé and I are here to help.

Sigh. I love this woman. Like, so much that I get teased about it. It comes in waves. Today when I saw this video, there was a significant wave.