Get Some Lips, Bitches.

Hey! Yeah, we probably owe you a post or 17 about what we've been up to, what our plans are, what life has been bringing us or not bringing us lately. And we'll definitely be working on getting that to you sooner than later.

For now, we have a bit of exciting news in that a new video we made last week is now live on MakeLoveNotPorn. This one started when I was at work and came home to Violet wearing my shirt. Then she put on lipstick. And the rest is captured here.

You can thank Beyonce for this. Apparently, V was home watching her new videos all day and got inspired. So thanks B!

And as always, if you rent one of these videos, let us know what you thought! We love hearing from you!!! Thanks so fucking much for the support!


Lips, Bitches. (A tease).

Yes, it's that time again.

We made a new video.
The story behind this one?

I spent the day at work.
Violet spent the day watching the new Bey videos.
I got home.
Violet was in my shirt.
She put on bright red lipstick.
Then she put that bright red lipstick to work.

The rest goes down in the boner popping memories of things I once could only dream of.