Milk It.

What more can I say? It's a cock themed day!

Also, one thing I could say is that I think I might have to do this to Rye tonight.

Handjobs, Stockings and Leonard Cohen.

When we put together our "Ten Most Fuckable Songs Ever" list this past week, Leonard Cohen never would have crossed either of our pervy, salacious minds.

Yet somehow...

The song in this context gives the grainy, far-away footage a nostalgic quality. Like at the end of "Home for the Holidays," when the never actually captured home movies from their past hit the screen.

Except, you know, fucking.

Oh, and the date stamp helps sell the period nature of this piece.

Cock Worship, Volume 2.

Sometimes, a nice juicy cock just speaks for itself.

Like Rye's last night. As he jerked himself off for me, I gladly provided the much needed wetness. And the ass to blow it on.


Ready for Their Close-Up.

Yeah, Mr. DeMille and all that. I clearly got lazy with this headline.

But that doesn't mean the makers of this video were. Need some close-up cock in pussy fucking in your life? Look no further.

Just looked at the pics of Violets great tits. I know you have used some nipple clamps on them but have you ever done tit bondage? They look perfect for some rope to be used on them...

You know, never once have we tried the nipple clamps. Though we made a recent purchase of clothespins for different reasons, which got me thinking. They may make an appearance soon.

However, we HAVE done some of this tit bondage you speak of. And yes, they ARE perfect for tying up. Check out these two posts, one with a story, the other, a photo:



Torn Jeans and Rye's Sweaters.

It's "spring", which means Violet is wearing her torn jeans as much as possible. Around the house, outdoors, whenever the temps rise above 50, which isn't often lately. So even if it's cold, the adorable wife of mine wears those shredded sex pants on nights indoors. Even if that means stealing my favorite sweater for her own personal warmth.

And on nights where she's rocking my oversized wool sweater and shredded jeans, she also thinks she'll somehow get away with me not stuffing my hands down her pants. Or making her do the same with her own tiny hands.

Guess again, Violet.


You Squirt, I Squirt.

I can't speak highly enough of this here video.

Why? Well, to start, it features some impressive squirting. And then brings it home with a finish that some only dream of.


Stockings, Billy Ocean and the Like.

It's clear how much I love stockings now. I don't need to go over this again. But it doesn't mean I'm about to stop collecting/posting my fetishes. Not by a long shot.

You reap the benefits.

For some reason, she got me thinking about Billy Ocean.

The 10 Most Fuckable Songs. Ever.

We now present to you good people ten songs worth fucking to. The list can go on and on, we've fucked to pretty much our entire music catalog. Which is thorough.

These days, it's usually one side of a record that plays, then spins as we forget about everything else and put fingers and hands and cocks and mouths in and on places.

Anyway, there's really no better place to start than with some OutKast. Whenever we don't know what to play, we just push play on their catalog. If it ever gets to the end and we're still fucking, it means two things. One, that we spent a whole day fucking. And two, we should probably start it over.



Violet shaved her pussy yesterday. Which means there will be much of this to come in the next few days.

Not to say that I eat her more when she's clean shaven, but that someone that goes to that trouble deserves to be rewarded.

Are you guys poly/open/swingers?

Nope, nope and nope. We're having too much fun with just each other. And I'm not done exploring her completely yet. And vice versa.

For the Funny Formspring Query: V's Amazing Tits.

So because of the very clever and funny question, "Why are V's breasts so amazing? Use pictures to explain!" on our Formspring, we decided that this lucky questioner needed a new set of photos. And that V would get a new bra for that set.

We finally got around to it this weekend, and here are your results:


Do you ever watch porn together and what are some of your favorites?

We do watch porn together, but not studio produced porn. We enjoy Camille Crimson's work, plus the occasional video that pops up on Fleshbot by Erika Lust. But mostly, we enjoy real couples having sex and enjoying each other. Nothing is hotter than genuine "gotta get that orgasm" fucking.

Why are V's breasts so amazing? Use pictures to explain!

Sorry it took so long to respond to this one. We decided it was too funny a question to overlook and deserved new photos of Violet's glorious tits, not just links to old posts. And in a new bra, no less. Look for the set tomorrow morning!

And great question!


And Dust My Cock While You're At It.

That's right, Ms. Hustler herself, Camille Crimson, treats us to a new (and LONG, clocking in at over 10 minutes) blowjob video. What's new, you say? Well, it's Camille, so clearly, you're interested.

Additionally, as if you needed further selling points, she's dressed as a French. Fucking. Maid. I know. The most cliched erotic costume of all time gets a revisit by the buxom redhead, and it makes me want to invest in the tackiest of tacky costumes yesterday.

OH MY. Tongue bath much?

Indiana Jones and the Lost Wedding Ring.

Keep digging, you'll find it!

Also, while you do that, I'm gonna whip this dick out and give it hell.

A Step Up.

There is a serious lack of amateur porn being shot on cameras that you can't also use to call your mother with. This one seems to be an exception. Sort of.

Also, it doesn't hurt that she begs for that cum and stares right into the camera while he finishes on her lips.

Tattoos are for Sailors and Prostitutes!

You know what time it is? Tat time.

With the arrival of spring happening ANY DAY NOW, NEW YORK, this means tattoos will become much more visible on the city's slutty young masses.

In other words, shit gets GOOD.

What do you say, ladies? Time to shed those winter coats? You know you've been waiting for it. Overcompensate for us, will you?

True that.


Can we please see more of Rye's ass, and perhaps shoulders/back/torso? Or is that where said identifiable tattoos are? With love, from Brooklyn!

Ooh. I'm sure we can accommodate something. And there might be one tattoo visible form this angle, but we can work with it. I love the Rye attention!

We already have a few requests for that ass in jeans, so we'll tack these to the list.

Can you show us a dripping creampie shot?

Yes, we'll work on something for you. Can't say when, but you'll have something soonish. In the meantime, did you see our Xmas post?


If you knew that you would die the next time you had sex, would you remain celibate forever, or have sex that one last time?

This is a silly question.

What's your favorite toy for solo anal play? Feel free to give your own individual opinions :)

Rye: Well, since I tend to use anal toys a lot more during solo play, I'll respond first and say that I tend to use the Naughty Boy, as I like the curve, not to mention the fact that it vibrates. And strongly at that. http://store.babeland.com/men-prostate-toys/naughty-boy

Violet: I don't really play with my ass too much on my own. But when we're together, Rye takes pretty good care of me. In the times that I've played solo, I've usually gone right for this guy: http://store.babeland.com/butt-beads/ripple

Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit.


I can honestly say this wiggle move is something I've NEVER seen before. Or experienced, to be sure. Can this even be good? Only one way to find out, right Violet?

Cum and Get It.

This woman knows how to get what she wants. And what she wants is cum.

Where to begin, really?
The fingering?
The gagging?
The rimming?

Maybe you can decide on a favorite, I'm having trouble gathering my thoughts.


Road Trip Down Memory Lane.

Let's just say this up front; this couple's video relies a little too much on the extreme pussy close-up. And very hairy extreme pussy close-up at that.

However, the sheer wetness created by her public show is enough to share this sucker. Also, it reminded me of the road trip that Violet and I took. She was challenged to see how many times she could come in a 30 mile stretch.

Passing trucks will note that managed to finish no less than three times during that particular section of Connecticut highway.

Anywho, that's my memory ramble. Enjoy:

Spring Forward, Please.

UGH. You guys. It is spring, even if you couldn't tell from what it's like outside today. Although I'm still wearing my winter coat and rain boots, in my mind I'm in flip flops, a breezy sundress with no underwear, drinking a cold beer and lounging on a hammock. Here are some pictures to help you feel that way, too.

Oh, I brought graham crackers and chocolate. How convenient.


Buckley + Boobs = Beating the Blahs.

I don't know about you all, but it's been a rough fucking week so far. Something about shit weather in NY lately, and still to come, that's bringing us down a bit. And making today feel like another goddamn Monday. With stress. And hangovers. And general "meh" feelings seeping out.

So thanks to Fleshbot for bringing this to our attention. And thanks to Jeff Buckley, wherever you may be. We really needed this.

Can she deep throat you? Do you ever cum when you are all the way in her throat?

Of course! Despite being tiny and having to put up with my bigger than average cock (I'm also quite tall, so it makes sense*), Violet is a fucking champion at sucking me off. But this skill doesn't come overnight. It's learned. Just like pussy eating.

In other words, let Violet tell it:

"A Particularly Forgiving Gag Reflex."

*Can we also just use this as an aside to say dudes REALLY need to stop worrying about cock size? Cause I want to.

Seriously. Stop fucking worrying about it. Know how to use what you have and if you have only a little of it, learn some tricks that make up for it. Like fucking worship her pussy and eat that shit every time. Or stimulate her asshole. Or know the spots on her neck that make her come from just whispering.

Also, in the experiences I've had with women, smaller penises are much preferred to those horse dicks. While women may "ooh and ahh" over a horse dick, they're not gonna fuck it more than a few times before coming to the realization that it's like the vacation of sex, you can tell yourself you're gonna drop everything and move there, but the reality is that it's too hot, there are bugs, the rent is fucking high and the job market is terrible and tourism based.

Not to say your cock's rent is too high, but its placement in her vagina just might be.

Ladies, can I get an Amen???

Ask me anything. Make it dirty.

Have At Us!

We like questions from you pervs. Have at it! Ask us anything. Make it dirty.


That Reach.

The one single sensation that I will never get used to or get over is that reach. When someone just plunges the hand down, whether expected or not, to grab ahold of what you're working with...

Nothing beats that. Instantly hard. The hands, fingers, light touch just bringing everything to life...

It appears from the photos I've collected that it works the same for the ladies.


The first time you pegged how did you approach it?

The first time pegging was approached was the first time I realized I wanted it. Because that's how we work. If we decide we've developed a new fetish or have a new fantasy, we bring it up. I've heard of a lot of cases where the woman approaches the man and says she wants to fuck him. But in our case, after exploring rim jobs and prostate toys, I decided I wanted to be fully fucked by Violet.

There's Got to Be One.

As you, Rye and I all know, I'm pretty much always down to come. One of the great things about this blog is that it gives he and I new ways to make me do it, even beyond what our own imaginations can come up with. We've got a pretty extensive sex toy collection, but as I get pickier and pickier about quality, materials and effectiveness, some of the old ones have started to get weeded out. This is why, when the lovely people at Eden Fantasys Sex Toys offered Rye and I a toy to review, I was hoping to replace my sad, old, not-particularly-advanced Rabbit-Style vibe. (EF's collection is broad, to say the least, just in case you're also in the market.) I've rarely met a sex toy I didn't like, so I was raring to go as soon as it arrived.

Oh, hello, little one.


I Said EAT It.

I hope at least one of you out there woke your partner up with some of this action today. Otherwise, we're disappointed.


In Pigtails.

Work it. Clap that hair!



Yes. Just... YES.

There have been more than a few occasions where I've gotten Violet off this way. She ALWAYS makes a scene and begs for me to fill her already. And I don't. Just rub over her, harder, faster, until she bucks wildly under me.


Ladies, your breasts are amazing. For myriad reasons. They inspire. Comfort. Create buffoons of us in public. Fascinate. Arouse. And bring us back to simpler (that's a lie) times before we even knew what sex felt like.

When you were young, a bra was enough. And god forbid she touched them.

A Hunk of Man Meat.

As I took care of Rye last Thursday, he walked around the apartment all night, post-bath, fully nude. A fucking treat if there ever was one. He sat with me as I wrote about vaginal fish dishes, his smooth cock and balls before me.

As he made me a cocktail, ass all up in my face, we (I) discussed how fine that ass is. And that's when it struck me, you've never seen it! Shameful!

Let's change that, shall we?

This is one sexy hunk of man ass. Our friends, sexes of both persuasions, have often mentioned how good a slice this is. And a good chunk of them have even grabbed on for a helping.

If they only knew that this is the ass I get to fuck.
And did that same night.


Fuck Me Like a Slut.

When we enjoy some strap-on fun, V likes to talk to me like the whore I am.

"Do you like your wife owning your ass?"
"Take it, you fucking slut."
"You want me balls deep, you little whore?"

So when I saw this video, it made enough sense that we'd need to share. There's just something about a woman strapping on that cock and feeling like they fucking own you. They're gonna fuck you as rough as they've been fucked. And you're gonna beg for more.


What motivated you all to start your blog? And how did your features get started-filthy fuckers, etc?-from a new reader in Brooklyn

**Ed. note: I responded to this on Formspring. Then it vanished. So I started responding again. And it reappeared. So this is a mash-up of the two. I clearly don't have a very good memory of what I literally JUST wrote.**

Ooh, from Brooklyn? I wonder if we know each other. How titillating!

Ok, back to the point of this response.

It was definitely a number of factors. First was our frequent and myriad discussions about sex. Our own experiences, what we wanted to get out of our sex life, what we thought was hot, not hot, things of that nature. We started watching a fair amount of porn when together. We'd just sit around and page through Tumblrs and deem things HOT or meh. Then we got into videos. And the videos were interesting. Neither one of us likes mainstream porn. Or, if we're not calling it that, let's say "manufactured" porn. The fake nails. Hair. Tits. Moans. It's all a little... much.

Hurry Up, Put Your Mouth On It!

We know now that eating a ripe pussy is my all time favorite activity, right? Good.

So it should come as no surprise to any of you that I have a vast collection of the rare species of online porn known as "pussy eating" on our hard drive.

That's right. And I'll let you have a taste. Along with a bit of cock love thrown in for good measure.

Why's that? Because it's a two way motherfucking street. Want your dick sucked? Get down on that pussy. Cover your face in her juices, roam around, put your nose in it, get it ion your hair. And make her come, for fuck sake.

After all, the best way to get is to give.



As Eve pointed out in the comments last night, "You're at 50 (followers)... this makes my day better. Half way to the video that I (and my pussy) are very ready for."

And she's right. To those of you new to this here blog, we declared from the get-go that when we hit 100 followers, we'd post a video. So we're halfway. Granted, it took several months to get there. But then, half of our followers arrived within the last month. So perhaps we're closer than we think.

Given the readership numbers, we figured 100 would come much sooner. But we're ok with it, gives us time to think up some video concepts. You won't be disappointed.

Pegging Rye.

To compliment this morning's Formspring response, we thought it would be appropriate to share with you our most recent pegging session. This one was Thursday night.

I had a shit day at work. A shit week, really. Stress city.

I came home to a drawn bath.
Violet writing about our sex life.
Dinner cooking.
A cocktail.

Let's just say it was a good night. Finished with a fuck session where Violet took total control, fucking my ass with confidence. Bucking into me as she rolled to no less than three orgasms. Switching me into whatever position her slutty little heart desired.

It was ON.

Just thinking about it makes my asshole ache to be filled again. I wonder what tonight's plans are...

What's the earliest sexual fantasy either of you can remember having?

I believe mine had to do with women underwater. We had a backyard pool, so skinny dipping was a childhood habit. But frequent trips to the ocean as a pre-teen would often get me quite flustered, resulting in me jerking off in the sand dunes to images of the bikini clad women I'd seen only moments earlier.

As for Violet, I'd say it might have involved women (not unlike the one pictured above). And she probably met that fantasy head on at a summer camp or two.

What's your favorite sex shop in NYC or online?

Originally form an area with seedy porn shops, we were thrilled to discover a Babeland just around the corner. Needeless to say, we've been frequent (a few times a month?) visitors ever since. They're also online.

And lately, Eden Fantasys has been quite good to us, so check them out online, they've often got some nice deals.

We've heard about the pegging experience from Rye's view... what about Violet's?

Pegging is absolutely amazing and terrifying all at the same time. I have, as a woman, always wanted to penetrate another person. I've certainly fingered my share of men and women, but penetrating someone with a cock is an entirely different experience. I often have dreams about being in the man's position, thrusting hard into a woman and making her come.

While pegging is not exactly the same, it does allow me to pleasure someone who I love very much in a completely different way than I've ever been able to. And that is amazing.

via bendoverboyfriend


A Most Impressive Feat.

Ok, let's get this part straight: the fake tits, not so much.

But seriously. The way this woman takes this giant fucking cock down is a feat that must be seen to be believed.

I love how slow she starts. And how she backs off from the pain. But before you know it, she's dropping down on it, balls deep, creaming the length of that cock with her juices.

Get it, girl.

The Vaginaiest of the Vaginal.

Hello, tender bits. Today's post marries three things I love very much.

1. The Ripper. Eric Ripert. One of the tastiest slices of French man-meat that has ever landed in the USA.

2. Well... eating. This is a recipe that actually sounds delicious to me and I'm pretty sure I'll endeavor to make sooner rather than later.

3. Pussy.


Filthy Fuckers: The Return.

It's been awhile, but you filthy sluts deserve it.

Filthy Fuckers, one of our most popular photo series, is dedicated to those pictures that get right to the point. No hinting. No romance. No half tit exposed. Just fucking. In the dirtiest, sweatiest, filthiest sense of the word.

What more can I say? Enjoy it, perverts!

Cock Hungry.

Start you week with some cock, why don't you?

Violet decided to play porno photographer the other night. And my cock was the subject.

In between shots, she would pull me into her mouth to fluff me back up. With that kind of treatment, that slut can play photographer anytime she wants.


Pre-Week Pre-Cum.

Get it, boy!

Violet LOVES pre-cum. She rubs it around the tip of my cock, licks it up with a giant grin plastered on her face, stretches into a long strand with her little fingertip. It's like a condensed version of your coming load, a little extra salty. A little extra sticky. A little extra lubricating. And it feels oh so good when you see it trickle forth.

What's not to love?


Hair Pie.

This is probably the last time you'll see a bushy cunt on Violet. She's fed up and getting rid of it this weekend (or perhaps I'll be the one clearing the brush).

I think I'll get myself a slice.


Barenaked Love.

Nothing like a little love from other bloggers out there! Not only were some of our Tweeps (UGH, that word...) writing about squirting in honor of us, but one of our new frequent commenters, Dalide from barenakedlady.wordpress.com showed us some love this week.

And in the form of leg warmers and Vincent Cassel (plus Monica Bellucci), no less! You know us well, Dalide...

We also got some crossposted love from StopTalkingLetsDoIt. Which is hot as fuck. And smart. And funny. Though password protected. Maybe show her a little love via email and she'll hook that password up.

Finally, Vickie P over at heyhiall.blogspot.com let the world know about me fucking my own asshole. Her blog specializes on pegging, sexuality and bisexuality.

Thanks for all that love, ladies, and keep up the great work. Perverts, you might want to check them out, it's worth an erection/slick pussy or three.

The Need to Fill Camille's Mouth.

So clearly, no one believes that Camille's man would choose video games over a blowjob from her talented mouth.

Which doesn't discount the validity of this video (at all). There are plenty of dudes that probably would, for some reason, pick a video game over a blowjob. I don't get those people.

But back to this video, which is actually quite amazing for two reasons:

1. The way she plays with his balls? Bitch, please! Unreal. Listen, guys can take WAY more roughness to their balls than you might imagine. And sometimes, the harder you tug, suck and massage them, the better.

2. Slurping up the cum that missed her mouth? Fuck me. God lord, does that woman know how to get a dick hard. And once it's hard, deliver the GOODS.

All I Want is Hoes...

...big booty hoes.

Educated, so I can bust up on they glasses!

Let's Get Intimate.

You know how much we love shots of dripping cunts.
Gaping assholes.
Spit covered cocks.
Cum drenched sluts.

But you know what else we love? Intimacy.

After all, it's the only reason Violet and I can even have this blog. And the sex life that we do. The reason she can ask me to put a finger in her ass. Or spank her. Or for me to request a pegging.
It's about honesty.

And at the end of the day, the above collection of words and phrases are just as hot, if not hotter, to us as the collection in the opening paragraph.

How long do you guys generally fuck for?

That one varies widely. Sometimes it's a quickie. Sometimes it's hours long. But on the average? I'd say we probably carve out a good 45 minutes to an hour, between foreplay and fucking, to really enjoy each other.


Change Clothes.

And while you're at it, brush that dirt off your shoulder.

Little River Band. And How They're To Blame For My Underwater Fetish.

Those three words might just sum up my obsession with all things underwater.

You see, Sunday afternoon, while it rained for endless hours, Violet and hung around inside, looking at porn, listening to records, cooking too much. And I found this photo:

A Tit for a Tat.

I don't know what that title means, aside from my having a photo of Violet's tit to share with you. Oh, and some panties. And that bush she's been growing.

We felt like it had been too long since we shared some of ourselves, so enjoy some of us, perverts!

What is the best sex you have ever had? Position, location, and what was so hot about it?

You can find all about those times on our lists. V and I both both detailed our top three with each other (and our bests have been with each other, for sure), so take a look!

Oh, and I had to amend mine only a few days later due to a particularly hot session, which is why there are three links to look at:

Seeing how often you have sex, does it leave time for jerking off?

Pff! Of course.

I'd say we have some form of sex (oral, anal, vaginal, mutual masturbation, masturbation for show) several times per week. But that leaves plenty of other times.


Questions, sluts. Now!

We're fresh out of questions. What do you want to know? You can even do it anonymously, perverts!


Does Violet do "that move" when you are planted in her ass?

I assume you're talking about THIS move:

Why WOULDN'T I use this opportunity to post it again?
And you know she does.

For some reason, I last a lot longer when I'm buried in her ass. And after she's gotten off for the third or fourth time (having come three or four times before I even entered her ass), she's ready for me to finish. When that happens, the MOVE comes out. What can I say, girl knows how to get that cum.

Wet and Wild.

Enough said, really. Enjoy!


The Move.

As Violet said when she saw this, "ooh, she knows the move."

That's that, bitch knows how to WORK THAT. Lucky dude she has there...

Our Lust for Erika Lust.

Remember that question about our favorite porn stars? I guess we left out the films of Erika Lust, which are stars all their own. While we have yet to see the full version of anything she's done, the teasers have certainly left us intrigued. And me with one less load.

For instance:

You've GOT to Read This.

So we recently found this little gem thanks to a few of our fave Tumblrs. It just NEEDED to be reposted. WAY too hot. And WAY too on target.

Find the original post here.

Dear Men of Craigslist,

Look, I know you men have it difficult. Women are just about impossible to understand, much less please. In a post-feminist society, you never know exactly what you should be doing. Women are bloody picky, I know we are. It can be scary, too, when women freak out about what appear to be benign issues. And men who do their best to be respectful, female-positive humans, I salute you, I do.

But please, please just fuck me already. 


Leg Warmers and Me.

I've been SUPER into leg warmers since I saw Black Swan this winter.

I felt like this was information worth having.

You're welcome.

Your Ass. And Why You Should Open It Up.

As we're all perfectly aware by now, we're into ass play. I didn't realize this was such a rare thing, until posting this past week's photo series of me plugging my own ass. All I can tell you is that WAY more people should be into it.

For men, it's good for your prostate and actually reduces the chance of prostate cancer. Plus, it feels fucking amazing.

And for you ladies, you can COME from it. AND access your g-spot. And it feels fucking amazing.

Even Violet, who at first was hesitant (she was saving her ass for marriage and ALMOST made it), has come around to it, 110%.

While we fucked each other this fine Saturday afternoon, Violet grinding on top of me, she begged for a finger in her ass. The first time she'd specifically requested, if my memory serves correctly. She's never resisted when I plugged her ass with a fingertip before, but this event has represented a slutty sea change. It's FULLY on now.

In celebration of that fact, I offer you a collection of greatest anal hits.


Wanting. Nay, NEEDING.

Mostly because I wanted to see something first on our page other than a cum dripping asshole. Which isn't to speak ill of them. But merely to say, this is where our heads are at: a slow, grinding fuck that bruises Violet's pubic bone (see yesterday afternoon's fuck session).

How often do you have anal sex? When you do, do you cum inside her?

I'd say we probably partake once a month or so. Especially if you consider her fucking my ass as part of that.

And of course I fill that ass up!

Do you guys remember your first anal experience as a couple?

Indeed we do! I mean, full penetration anyway. We were fairly experienced with rimming and fingering before this. But for further details, take a look-see:


Tan lines. Yes? or No?

Sure, why the hell not? After all, we can't ALWAYS sunbathe naked. And who am I to be choosy when it comes to a naked body?


Who are your favorite pornstars?!?!

Not sure if you could tell from our blog, but we're not super into "porn stars". We're a lot more into hot, real people fucking for the love of it. There's such a huge difference when you're watching people that really love fucking each other going at it. We crave that more than anything.

 That being said, I (Rye) enjoy a good Sasha Grey photo and appreciate Stoya. And Violet has (had?) a thing for Jenna Jameson before she really trashed herself with plastic surgery beyond all repair.

In our minds, the hottest "porn star" working is Camille Crimson. Who also happens to be a woman that just really loves sucking her boyfriend's cock. And made a living doing it.

Weekends are for Winning.

I was itching for this weekend. For no particular reason. Other than to hang with Violet for two straight days. It's ridiculous how much we enjoy hanging out together. Fucking. Not fucking. Mostly not fucking, cause who fucks all the time? But you know, just being friends (mushy awwww).

I've decided that we will do one of the following weekend activities. As should you:


Get home from a long day at the office. Unwind.



Ask me anything. Make it dirty. http://formspring.me/Voracious

How often do you cum in her mouth?

I'd say it's at least a weekly offering. She sucked me down last night. And swallows every drop.

Which is particularly wonderful, given a conversation we had with some other married friends last week, where we mentioned another friend of ours probably never getting head. To which married friends number one responded, "who is?"

UGH. Not gonna happen. Violet loves giving head as much as I do, so it's usually a race down south before I ever slide into her wet cunt or tight asshole.

Ask me anything. Make It Dirty.

Why Wait 'Til You're Home?

While no, we've got no new developments in the public fucking arena, that doesn't mane we haven't been thinking about it. And salivating over shots of perverts abusing one another in broad daylight.

For example:

What a lucky field.


The Return of Lily.

I don't know about you guys, but I've missed Lily Francfort.

Found on "I Spank Myself."