Pic Friday: Vacation Edition

Oh, darlings. We're off to sun ourselves in our bathing suit areas! Here are some pictures to guide you through the weekend.

See you all soon!


A Particularly Forgiving Gag Reflex

Since we're all getting to know each other so well, there's something serious I'd like to discuss with you. Something I hold very dear and feel is of great importance.

via fuck me like that
We need to talk about blow jobs. Because, I feel that for you to really understand my quirky, sex-saturated, giddy, little brain, you've got to understand, just as I've made Rye understand, how much I love a cock in my mouth.

Now, it's important to recognize where we've come from. In that vein, I will say this; while things did not work out so great with this particular person in the long run, the man to whom I gave my first blow job was an excellent teacher. He was a few years older than me chronologically, but far outpaced me sexually. He thrilled me, truth be told, because although I am fiercely independent outside the bedroom, inside it I love VERY much being told what to do.

He taught me to start slowly, to start kissing his head and shaft the way I would start kissing his lips. He taught me that teasing goes a long way. He taught me that balls love to be licked, held, nuzzled. With him I learned to relax my mouth and throat. To take his entire, mammoth cock into my mouth and throat. To use my hand to spread my spit like lube along the whole shaft as my head moved in long, deep strokes. And he taught me that once we were both ready to go, it was in both of our best interests to go deep, fast, wet and hard. A lesson which I have graciously, greedily, at times obsessively taken to heart.

This man also had an unfairly enormous cock, which I credit with helping along my already particularly forgiving gag reflex.

via fuck me like that
However (sorry, I'm going to brag), no one - NO ONE - needed to teach me to swallow. Some of us are maybe just born knowing that that is what you need to do when your lover, moaning and bucking, blows a warm, savory load into your mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love the look in Rye's eyes when he comes on my chest - one of nervous delight, like, maybe he's not really allowed to do this? But to me, getting a mouthful of him is a reward for a job well done.

I'm not putting you on. Ladies, here's the deal. You like it when your man buries his face deep in your pussy, don't you? You love when you can feel his nubbly little taste-buds lapping up your wetness, right? Of course you do. It's amazing. So here's the thing (I swear, I will not often make declarative statements with such cavalier disregard, so just give me this one), please do not spit. It's already in your mouth. There are vitamins in it. It's great for your skin. And even more importantly, it will make him feel, as Rye is so accustomed to feeling, like a fucking champ.

via fuck me like that
In my youth, I admit to viewing giving head as sort of a race. "Oh, hello, you un-suspecting little loverboy, want to see me make you blow in a minute or less?" Which, don't get me wrong, is still fun occasionally. But with Rye, it's become more about the process. I like to look up at him and see him seeing me take his whole dick in my mouth. I like to draw it out a little. To make him squirm. Sweat. Plead. It makes the mouthful that I get, in all it's ever-changing consistencies and flavors, particularly gratifying. Nearly as gratifying as his shivering, murmuring snuggle afterward.

And holy hell, here is a woman that agrees with me.

via Camille Crimson
Happy sucking and fucking lovelies. Can't wait to see you soon.

HNT. Again?

A week moves quickly. In order to celebrate, here's one of the man. Eventually, he'll let the monster out, I promise.

Happy HNT!


Why Wait Until Friday?

We're out of town on Friday, so why not enjoy Pic Friday today? I know I did.

A goal of ours is to buy a better digital camera to better share our world with you. Until then, we'll share the best we can find. And photos we've taken of (and for) each other with our phones.

Hope you're enjoying so far. We are.


Lately, I've taken it upon myself to make Violet squirt. It's a noble effort really, and a case where the practice alone is worth it.

I usually kick things off by eating her pussy (it's maybe my favorite pastime, for real). She'll come really hard, and after a few moments of rest, I'll go right back at it. This time, I throw in some tongue fucking, pushing her legs back and pulling that pussy tight, with with plenty of access to fill her hole with my tongue. Maybe attack her asshole while I'm at it. I'll get her worked up enough to fuck my face, grinding away and groaning through number two.

From here, we go different places. Sometimes I finger her furiously, pressing on her g-spot as a slender plug fills her ass. Or fuck her doggy, pure pleasure mixed with a touch of pain, my cock filling her to the brim. Still, she begs for more.

The other night, however, she hopped on top. Reverse cowgirl. And fucked my brains out. Grabbing the headboard, she rhythmically crashed down on me, churning the cum right out of me. I'm such a sucker for that plump ass, I'll never last long if I'm watching it slide, slam, and pulsating, like waves crashing down over my cock.

Tired, she collapsed backward, lying on my chest, back first.

I, being the fucking champ that I am, managed to stay hard. And then it was on. I spread her legs and went at her, not satisfied until she blew. With my hard cock rubbing right on the g-spot, it became an overwhelming sensation for her, but I refused to let up. Number three came and I felt a LOT more liquid than usual. (She still claims it was me pouring out of her.)

But when number four arrived, followed by a tiny spray felt on my balls, along with a brand spanking new puddle on my stomach, I knew we'd pulled into squirt town. (She wasn't so sure.)

I wanted to overtake her again, forcing her to number five, pulling out my cock this time to see just what was erupting from within her. But she couldn't take it, instead making me roll her onto her stomach and unload my own second place finish all over her ass. I happily fulfilled the request.

So did she or didn't she?

(She thinks it didn't happen, though the orgasms were certainly more intense.) And clearly, I think it did.

So where do we go from here?

Where else, really? Practice makes perfect.


And Just Like That, It's Tuesday.

What a whirlwind! We've been up for just over a week now and to our surprise, one of our favorite blogs, The Secretive Slut, totally gave us a shout out. Thanks Jez and Cane!

With the love came a few followers, and we appreciate you all coming along with us.

The weekend was busy, filled with so much fucking that we didn't have time to write about it. We'll be back a bit later to detail the events for you.



Hot Husband, Cold Dildo

I guess I don't really need to tell you what's happening this afternoon. Honestly, how thoughtful and fuckable is he? Nevermind the fact that I spent the whole train ride home from work thinking of what to write about next. Nevermind that I was already wet when I hit the door. And nevermind that I found him still home, on a long lunch break, up to no good when I got inside. He had such a delightful and devious little smirk on his face that I knew he had plans beside the quickie I was about to beg him for. Needless to say, I was ready.

I've been thinking a lot about our hit lists. There are some things on mine that surprised me. Namely, how much of it had to do with watching. I guess I've always felt it, but never really vocalized it. I like to watch. And really, if I think about I like to BE watched.

As the husband I love to fuck so dearly has told you, I have a taste for ladies. In fact, I can occasionally be caught leering at them on the subway. I tend to gaze at women the way I shop for produce. I like something round, ripe and luscious. I want it to be velvety, yield to my touch and have a little spring to it. I want it to be tart and sweet and I want its juices to run down my chin. In truth, I am both a tits and ass man. Woman. You get my drift.

via Synthetic Pubes - by: Arian Brumby
So, perhaps, it's because I like to look so much that I also like to be on display. When I catch a man's eyes on the street trained squarely on my tits, I can feel my husbands appreciative hands all over them. When I read the things my husband writes about the way he watches men drool over my ass - I'll admit it - it makes me wet. When I get an 'Oh, damn!' of approval for the short skirt I'm wearing, it makes me want to run home, hike it up over my hips and bend over the bed, expectantly.

There's something so sexy about knowing that while I rub my clit and coax my g-spot out of hiding for his viewing pleasure, I'm often doing it to the thought of him furiously stroking his cock. Because there are few things in this world I like more than being able to see the way the muscles in his stomach jerk and spasm right before he comes. The way he rubs his hand around the base of his shaft and tugs his balls upwards a little to bring himself over the edge. The way his whole body tightens, freezes, then instantly relaxes as his hot, salty load comes shooting out onto his stomach (or more preferably, my tits).

Actually, just thinking about it, I'm ready for another one.

Summer Friday.

Welcome home.

As you sit, thinking about your new post, I have a few requests to make.

1. Go to the freezer. Open it. You'll know what to look for.
2. The bullet is on the table. Insert.
3. Slide it into that warm, slick, humid pussy. Cool yourself down.
4. Take a seat at the table.
5. Blog. And, you know, get yourself off.


About Face.

I'm late to the game here, I'll be the first to admit.

I'm a liberal. Bleeding heart. I'm uncomfortable at strip clubs (would rather buy them a sandwich than shove dollars in their panties), I stopped watching mainstream porn long ago and I'm all about giving women as much pleasure as they can take.

But lately, I've shocked myself a bit. I love coming on my wife's face. LOVE.

Now don't get me wrong, she was never forbidding this from happening. In fact, she always kinda wondered why I didn't. But for the past three years, not a drop of me touched that gorgeous face. However, we've been together about three and a half. And that half year has made all the difference.

My experience with coming on people has been touch and go. In high school, I had drunken hook-ups with girls that, while not gushing with desire for it, were certainly okay when it happened. But then I found myself in a more serious, and much longer relationship throughout college. And let me tell you, my spunk was to go nowhere near her.

For real. I came on her stomach one time and tears were shed. I shit you not.

I'll tell you what, that'll damage a dude's psyche. So it's not surprising that I've held back ever since.

Inside women, sure. Mouth, pussy, ass, all good. Hell, I even started coming on my now wife's pussy, ass, back and tits. But face? No sir.

Cut to a few months ago, that stopped. She requested I try. So one day in the shower (yes, shower, I wanted her to be able to clean it right off, get it out of her hair, all that good stuff), I dropped a load on it. On that big, broad smile. No tears. Not a peep, really, other than a satisfied moan.

That wasn't so bad...

These past few months, her face has been a moving target. Hell, the other night she refused to clean her face, telling me she was wearing me to a party so I would think about how hard I'd fucked her.

No tears indeed.

A guy could get used to this.

Pic Friday


About Anal.

We dated for over three years, were friends for more than five and never once did I bend her over and take her ass. Allow me to explain.

While it's been made pretty clear that my wife is an eager slut that will and did fuck anything she deemed suitable for consumption, there was always that one thing she was saving. The black cherry.

Sure, you can tongue it and dart a finger in to get her over the cliff, but keep that cock away from her little hole. And don't get me wrong, this is not to say she was afraid of it. Not in the slightest.


My Hot, Horny, Bi-Sexual Wife, or Why I Married the Fuck Out of Her: Bedroom Edition.

In case you can't tell from the one photo posted so far, I have a hot wife. Not an average, everyday woman, but one of the women in the bar that men are training their eyes on. Sure, she can be down to earth and try to hide her huge tits in a v-neck tee and stuff her ass into some tight jeans, but the point is seldom missed. Hot. 5'4", 100ish lbs, 34D's, an ass that is delightfully fatter than it should be on a girl so short and skinny, but less cellulite and mom-ness. A shelf that men drool over. And would kill to plunge into. Hot. You getting it yet?

It might help if add to this the fact that this girl LOVES to fuck. I'd say the normal routine after four years together is every other day. And she's often the one pushing for it. Clearly, I'm a very lucky man. But don't I know it.

Even hotter? She's always been this way. In her early years, she was sucking cock like it was the only nourishment that would keep you alive. Not satisfied with cock alone, she was greedily eating any pussy she could get her mouth on. And, even better for my filthy imagination, having hers eaten in return.


In many relationships, this would be problematic. The fact that my wife has fucked upwards of 30 people? Not an issue. Sucked 40 cocks? Nothing doing. Eaten 15 pussies? It only makes her better in bed. Makes her hot. Makes her horny and willing.

It wouldn't be fair for me to want her slutty only when she was with me, would it? Not a chance. A true slut would have wanted it before I met her and will want it after I'm gone. I just plan to make sure that doesn't happen, ensuring that I get to be the lucky bastard she takes it out on.

I love that I will watch a video of a girl fingering herself and without even thinking about it, send her the link, knowing she'll jerk off to it as well. I love that she talks about wanting to lick Mila Kunis's snatch, or stick a finger in Natalie Portman's ass as readily as she admits to wanting Ryan Reynolds to fill every hole and cum on her face. I love that she watches girls as they walk around in heels, staring at their asses and thinking about whether they would be good triangulation material.

She's open-minded, eats an asshole like a pussy and knows how to suck a cock like a fucking champ. Also, she tells me I eat her cunt better than any girl she's ever been with. And clearly, any guy to boot.

So while couples are fighting as we speak, about past partners, wandering thoughts, flirtations with harmless women/men and who your wife got DP'ed by in high school, I get to wake up in a warm, empty bed after she's left for work and jerk myself off, dreaming about her rolling around in bed, fingers covered in juices, tongue inside a pussy, moaning as some slutty young girl sucks her clit. I pity you if you can't say the same about your wife.


Not a Bad Way to Start.

As you can see from our last two posts, we put up our hit lists this weekend. And the first sentences were the same. Which is shocking. And embarrassing. And pretty fucking hot.

We told one another that this is not the definitive list of rough sex. Or fantasies. But merely a place to start. And start we have. So far the writing on this blog has made us even more eager to make the other cum. Take, for instance, this weekend.

After reading the lists, we attacked each other. First a ferocious fuck in bed. She tried to tease me, holding me off from slamming my rock hard pole into her. For a while, it worked. I ate her pussy, flicking her clit gently and throwing her ankles behind her back, rocking her body as I fucked her wet, salty/sweet day-old hole with my tongue. Before long, she coaxed me inside of her, but still attempted to play coy. I took over, pinning her down as I plowed into her, making her scream in delight, splashing my cum deep inside her.

Satisfied and still wanting more, I took her to the shower, making her shave her pussy for me before coming back to bed. We scrubbed each others cunt, cock, balls and assholes, making sure they were ready for all access fucking.


She met me in bed, where I tied her up, blindfolded her and stuffed her full of toys and assorted surprises, starting with a small eggplant we picked up at the Farmers Market. Strangely enough, I told her last weekend that as she shopped for the eggplant, looking several over before selecting a few, that I imagined she was thinking about which would best service her pussy. She laughed then, yet sure enough, it fit in nice and snug, curving impressively toward her G-spot.

Once I ruined the eggplant, I filled her asshole with our new four-bead butt plug and slammed a G-spot toy into her hot, wet cunt. As I fucked her silly with the toys, I sat on her chest and made her gag on my cock. Not a hole left to fill. I teased her for what felt like an hour, giving her too much pleasure and then pulling back, jamming my cock to her tonsils, then sliding out. Finally, I let her get what she was begging for and as she came, I jerked off and unloaded all over her face.

Coming down from her peak, I untied her, cleaning her off as she smirked at her slutty behavior, licking the cum from her cheeks, flush with fever.

Several minutes later, as I started to nap, she pulled out her vibrator and attacked her pussy again, coming for a third or fourth time that afternoon. Clearly, this decision to indulge her hungry hole left me wanting more. So I grabbed the lube and got my cock slippery as she pushed my legs back and greedily ate my asshole. I was a goner in mere minutes.

Certainly not a bad way to kick this puppy off. Here's to many more inspiring posts from this here blog.


Her Hit List

I love it when you objectify me. Staring at my ass when I walk across the room, grabbing at me in public, making me masturbate for you, peeking up my skirt coming up the stairs behind me. Your attention is one of the sexiest fucking things I could ever receive.

I LOVE it when you grab my boobs. Softly caressing them, grabbing them greedily, taking them in your mouth, rubbing your cock against them, all get me going like crazy. I especially love when you grab them while you are going down on me or I'm masturbating for you. Every 16 year old boy's desire is to just have a pair of boobs to grab. I want you to make up for lost time. A well-placed hand up my shirt makes my clothes melt off of me.

I love it when you talk dirty to me while you're fucking me. Calling me a dirty little slut, your fucking cum whore, just makes me want to open up wider and take more of you in.

I love watching you masturbate, especially when I'm not allowed to help. Seeing you get yourself rock hard, taking your hard cock in your hands and giving yourself what you need makes my pussy instantly slick with desire.

One of my fantasies is to watch you jerk off when you don't know I'm there. I know that you are very uninhibited when you're with me, but I can't wait to see how you treat yourself when you are totally alone. I love watching the way your face changes as you bring yourself to orgasm and can't wait to do it without you feeling like all your strangest o-face ticks are on display.

I also like when it's hidden away. I want to watch you jerk off under the covers, or behind something where I can only see your face and the jerk of your arm and shoulder muscles, working away at yourself. I think it's so sexy to KNOW that you are pleasuring yourself and not be able to see it.

I love it when you tie me up. I love surrendering complete control to you while you lick, suck and fuck me until I can't stand it anymore. The longer you tease me when I can't do anything about it, the harder, louder and more times I will come like a freight train. I want you to use feathers, ice cubes, vibrators, dildos, food, anything you can think of on every square inch of me to bring me to the brink.

I love being spanked. Sometimes once, sometimes fifteen times. It makes me feel dirty and delicious.

I have come to truly love a finger in my asshole to send me over the edge. It makes me feel like you are willing to do anything to hear me scream and feel an orgasm roll through my cunt in waves.

I have a recurring fantasy: We are in a dark bar and I am waiting for the bathroom to open up in a dark corner. You come around the corner and without a word are pushed up against me. Your tongue is shoved down my throat and your hands are up my shirt, grabbing greedily, as if you've lived on a planet without boobs for the last 28 years. At first, I'm shocked, I struggle to pull away from you, but you are unrelenting - pushing me hard into the wall as if your erection, which I can feel hard against me through your jeans could undress me for you. Finally, you can't take it anymore. With one hand still up my shirt, at once holding me back and kneading my skin under my clothes, you undo your belt, pull your throbbing cock into your hand and stroke yourself hard, your fist brushing my clit as you work. As I begin to respond, grinding myself against your hand, cock, anything I can get, you are overcome. You quickly lift my skirt just enough to get underneath, pull my panties to the side, shove yourself into my - now cock starving - pussy, and fill me with your hot, urgent cum. Shivering and sweating, you withdraw, tuck yourself back in, kiss me on the nose and return to our friends. The bathroom opens up and I hurriedly, rabidly, lock the door and finish myself off, my ass against the sink, in the dark, unable to believe what's just happened. Yeah, I've thought about that a few times, I guess.

I LOVE when you come because I'm coming. I also love when I can feel your body say, "Fuck it! I'm coming!", grabbing my hips and pounding into me, whimpering.

Sometimes, I like to fuck you without coming. It builds me up for next time and means that I can focus all my attention on exactly how - and when - I want to make you come.

I can't wait to be comfortable enough when you take my ass to have you finger my g-spot and rub my clit at the same time.

Someday, I want to fuck you in the ass.

His Hit List.

I love it when you objectify me. Making me jerk off as you watch from the other room, telling me to put a plug in my asshole while I watch you wreck yourself, treating me like the pervert that I am.

Talk dirty. We both know you already do, but I need more. And dirtier. Tell me what you want in the most graphic terms imaginable. Yell out your fantasies while we're fucking, as wild as you can get. Act like the slut that I call you.

I love when you shove me around as I give you head. While my mouth is on you, control me. Push me to where you want me, pull my hair and get what you need from me. Treat me like a sex toy and let me know it's your pussy that's in control.

Treat my asshole and balls like they're yours. Play with them, tug on them, more than you think you can, I want it rough. And my asshole wants your tongue and fingers on and in it at all times. I'll let you know when it's off the table, but otherwise, it's your ass to ravage. Shove a plug in me, a prostate vibrator, or just reach a finger in and take control of me.

When we're out, there should be more grabbing of cock, slipping of fingers in places, hands reaching up skirts, pussy juices tasted and general cocktease going down. It'll make our errands shorter and parties a bit more exciting. And when we get home (if we don't fuck each other while we're out) your clothes aren't likely to stay on once you step through the door. You'll be lucky if my finger isn't in your wet pussy as we climb the stairs.

Fuck me with a strap-on. I want you to feel what it's like to penetrate me and I need you thrusting into my ass. You'll tell me what to do, how you want me and I'll obey every command. Fuck me from behind, make me sit on your dildo, put my ankles behind my ears and plow me.

I want you to research the next addition to our toy collection. I want you to find what you need, and either go pick it up yourself or make me go with you to get it. It can be for one or both of us, but it's yours for the choosing.

Speaking of toys, I want you to pick out the strap-on that you'll be fucking me with. Given your deep understanding and love of cock, who better to find what's needed for my tight asshole than you?

I want to wake up in the morning and find my dick in your mouth. Simple as that.

After I fuck you and fill you up, make me pull out and eat my cum from your wrecked pussy.

That's all for now. But as you may have picked up on from my list, I want nothing more than for you to be the amazing, loving, sweet and darkly funny woman you are. But a complete and total cum slut in the bedroom. Be my whore and I'll be your hard cock and warm, wet, firm tongue.

First Up.

As we've mentioned previously, the idea of this little blog came up while reading The Secretive Slut.

Specifically, we were reading up on this piece about having a rough sex "hit list". The idea behind this list is that perhaps in the heat of the moment, one of us will think the other is into something particularly rough (fingers in the ass, biting, hair pulling, cock choking) though in reality, it might not be true. So this list will let the other person what you like when it's rough so that next time, they'll do it without hesitation.

Of course, there are certain rough preferences we know the other one enjoys. For instance, she enjoys a spanking, progressively harder and more frequent until she comes, or a finger in the ass (actually, true for both of us). And we're happy to oblige. But what else have we not done to one another?

So clearly, this spoke to us. As something that would not only be educational, but hot. And an activity that we could do in our free time, on trains, in cabs, at work and out with each other. To add some additional spice, we also chose to add to this list any fantasies we may currently have. Though not all, we don't want to dump all of them at once.

Shortly, you'll see these "hit lists", which we chose to post as our first pieces for this blog. And when you do see them, (and here's the fun part) it'll be the first time that we'll be seeing the other person's.


Here we are.

We're a normal everyday married couple. That really love fucking each other.

After becoming enticed while reading The Secretive Slut, we decided to try our hand at this. Here is where you'll find us, a secret oversexed pair living in NYC, writing about our sex lives.

We have no idea where this will take us, but there will certainly be plenty of fucking on the way there. And you get to read all about it.

Lately, we've been exploring one another, living out fantasies and having sex that far exceeds what either one of us thought possible. Perhaps we'll share some of the more recent events with you. Or we'll keep them to ourselves. It all depends. Check back.