Slather Me.

Remember that oral sex post from this morning? Of course you do. You don't? Seriously?

Maybe this will jog your memory.

That strand of spit? HOT. I could watch this all day.

Touch. Feel. Taste.

Guys, oral sex is the best. Just the best.

So is vaginal. And anal. But go with me here...

Holding her up or pushing her down? Does it really matter?


Describe how you lost your virginity.

Was at a party with my boyfriend at the time, fooling around in his bedroom. I walked out, asked my friend for a condom, marched back in there and got shit done.

As for Rye, he had a late night session with his girlfriend at the time, using a condom a friend gave him. A ribbed condom. Things didn't go so hot.

What is your wildest fantasy and have you ever lived it out?

Fucking Rye was pretty high on my list. I'd say I accomplished that goal handily.


You all know how much I love stockings, right? Right?

The other thing I love, that fat, perfect ass on Miss Violet. Let's showcase both today, shall we?


An Ode to Pussy: A Study in Three Parts, Volume 3.

And finally, let's take a look at the pussy. In action.




A room full of sex noises. And plenty of people to listen. What better way is there to spend a weekend, really?

Whether it be three, four, seven or nine. Get a group together and let that shit HAPPEN.

"We can swap back later!"


Twice the Cream Filling.

Holy fuck. The amount of cream this woman slathers onto that fat cock is breathtaking. This is one woman that will NEVER need lube. I dare you to watch this and NOT be inspired.

Find the original story on Fleshbot here. Or just watch this fucker below. JEEZ.

Fun With Cuffs.

How do you review wrist cuffs?

This was a question we considered numerous times after choosing one of our new sex toys from EdenFantasies. A dildo or an ass toy? We got this. But cuffs...?

Shit, here goes...

They look even better in action. Trust us, you'll want to click through...


Speaking of Ass Play.

The Ballad of Ass Play.

Oh, assplay...how we've missed you.

Soon enough, love.
Soon enough.

It looks very nice. Now get to work.


By Request: Violet in Black and White.

So lately, the requests have been pouring in. After a long stretch of no photo requests, this gush, if you will, is really something. No promises that we'll get to them all, but certainly one of the easier requests to meet was a series of black and white shots of V.

After finally splurging on a garter and stockings set this weekend, I insisted we share this spectacular vision of V with you lovely readers.

With digital cameras nowadays, switching a photo to black and white is simply a switch or post-edit. Though as photo enthusiasts that learned to shoot and develop black and white in dark rooms, the quality has never been lovable out of these modern miracles. Black and white truly looks better when it's on real film. Especially medium format, or reversal. That grain...

That being said, not one of you will complain about these shots.


An Ode to Pussy: A Study in Three Parts, Volume 2.

In the second installment, let's take a closer look at pussy of the trimmed variety.


After 'Master Craft' (amazing btw), are you considering a Camille Crimson type video?

Oh, why thank you! (Here's Master Craft for those that missed it).

To be honest, we haven't even considered the next video. It took us almost a year to post the first one, so it will probably be a little bit before you get a second. As for a Camille Crimson style video, we totally love her, as you likely know, but we're anon, so shooting our vids involves a lot of hiding things we can't show.

Like my face.

Perhaps there's a way around this. We'll just have to make some attempts. I'm sure Rye won't mind the practice.

V - Will we ever see you enjoying a facial and yet still be anonymous?

That's tricky, isn't it? How to take a huge load and not reveal too much of the old face?

We've shown my mouth. So maybe I can take some around there. But you're not about to see my eyes, sorry!

V- After the success of your vid on Fleshbot. What would you do if the porn studios called?

Hmm. Interesting question.

We've already had several intriguing offers since not only the video, but launching this blog. However, right now, remaining anonymous is very important to us.

Certainly, each of these offers has been discussed in detail, whether we could actually do that with our lives, you know, making a living fucking each other. And we're just not there yet. Even though it sounds like an amazing fucking lifestyle.


So yeah, I guess in some ways, they've already called. At least the kind of "porn studios" that we consider actually hot. And discussions are ongoing.

V - Is the pic from post from 10.27.2010 'Audiogasm' you?

Nope, sure isn't. Though I can see why you're asking!

Pics of us are tagged "Us" or "Photos of Us" and, unless we forgot, can be found on the "Photos of Us" page at the top of the blog. Happy hunting!


Hurry Along.

Since panties are the theme of today, this seemed fitting.

Also, let it serve to remind you that sometimes the sexiest panties are when you aren't wearing any.

Perhaps THAT can be the theme of your weekend.

This week felt like a particularly great one for us here, with a new story, a great pair of V-in-action photos and some of my favorite galleries in a while. We're ready for the weekend, hope you are as well. Enjoy it, perverts!

What Color Are Your Panties?

Oh, you aren't wearing any? You don't say!

Clearly, this collection was a joy to put together.


All can be found inside.

And about half of a pussy. Though somehow, my brain tells me I saw a whole lot more. Funny how that works, eh?


Master Craft.

To see Violet suck a cock is to see a classically trained musician play the violin.
Van Gogh's brushstrokes.
Eric Ripert cook a fish.

It's the sight of a master technician at work. Someone that deeply understands their craft. Enjoys the work. And knows exactly what it takes to create that perfect moment.

Where do you guys find all of your pictures?

We scour the internets, just for you. High and low, low and high.

But also, we mostly find them from Tumblrs. Some of which you can find on our Links page.


Finish Him!

Here's to a job well done.
The hours put in at the office.
Quality results have been produced.



A Moveable Feast.

In keeping with today's theme of getting buried deep in that pussy, I present you with just that.

So slow.
So tortured.
So rough.
And yet so gentle.

A Mouthful of Rye.

On Friday evening, before we settled into the couch for a movie night, I went to the fridge for some snacks. V met me in the kitchen, on her way for a drink.

Given her proximity, we settled into a rather hot makeout session at the fridge.
Which led to a longer makeout session.
To wandering hands.
To V lifted onto the counter, the soft and firm ripeness of her ass in my hands.
To pants off.

Thrusting into her.


An Ode to Pussy: A Study in Three Parts, Volume 1.

Ah, pussy. What more can one say that hasn't already been said? Right? Fuck if I know!

Which is why photos will work better.

Today's series: Natural.


Love the blog guys, keep up the great sexing! :)

Thanks, anonymous fan, for saying so. Keep up the reading!

Do you have any advice you wish someone had given when you were young?

Everything we've done has led us here. So we wouldn't say a damn thing.


Have you guys ever considered making a Tumblr? It's far more popular than blogspot so it's a good way to gain more exposure and I think you guys would really like some of the stuff that people post on there. Thanx for taking the time to answer, keep it up!

Yeah, it's certainly been considered.

But ultimately, and let me get really losery here for a second, we kind of enjoy being in this little corner of the internet. It makes it fun when people discover us. And really amazing when people like Camille Crimson and Fleshbot come find us, it makes it feel all the more special.

Also, we don't need 50,000 followers. We don't make money from this, it's just fun for us, so we just like appeasing the followers we do have. And they're loyal to boot!

And at this point, with Twitter and a Blogger, we're not planning on adding a Tumblr to the mix. Or going to Wordpress, even if it looks nicer/cleaner.

However, we do love Tumblr, and get a lot of the photos we share from a whole lot of lovely sex blogs that we're always tuning into.

So yeah, we're perfectly happy over here, but thanks for the question, and glad you're enjoying the goods!

Where did your video go that was on Vimeo!?

They pulled it for being too sexual. Boo! Hiss!

But fear not, the same one is on XTube (and Fleshbot!!!). Find it on our blog right here:


Come To This Tumblr.

I was combing through our photos recently and decided it had been awhile since you've had anything from the cock part of this relationship.

It just so happened that this same day, I was working from home and stumbled upon a really hot new Tumblr, Little Miss Spankypants, about a sexy ass couple sharing their spanking fetish and sex life with us. And their photos are STUNNING. Go take a look.

And, you know, also take a look at what it did to me. That wasn't even the big finish, I was so ready, this was just a healthy pre-spurt surprise.


Oh, Holy Shit, My Ass is on Fleshbot!

So, if you go to Fleshbot right now (will not be that way for long), my ass (and teensy bit of my pussy) is right in your face.

You know, like this:

And...it's kinda awesome. Not gonna lie.

Apparently, they somehow discovered our little video on XTube and enjoyed it.

As longtime readers know by now, we're big fans of Fleshbot, so this is a pretty flattering development. But enough of our gushing, go check it out for yourself!

We assume this means there will be lots of new folks poking around the blog in the next couple of days. To those folks, welcome! Take a look around, make yourself comfortable.

We share stories about our sex life, photos of us in action, the one video (for now) and put together collections of photos, videos and other shit we find hot. We're on Twitter, @ucappetites, so come find us on there. Or ask us a question at Formspring.

We don't bite, so come say hi to a couple of perverts.

Violet - Can you tell us what you wear for bed by season if possible? Not a real dirty question but I just like to know 'cos you make me so horny!!

Hmm. By season, you say?

Spring - Boyshorts, eventually nothing:

Summer - Nothing:

Fall - Nothing, to boyshorts, moving toward tees and sleep pants:

Winter - Tees and sleep pants:
Clearly, we have no shots of that. Maybe someday. In the winter.

Tug Job.

Speaking of today's theme, TITS, we're usually not a fan of the fake variety. But tug at yourself like that and you could sell us just about anything...

What was your wildest sexual encounter?

These have already been addressed in great detail. Find the answers here:


Reload Us!

Ask us anything. Make it dirty.


Have you ever had sex with someone 10 or more years older than you? If so, how was it?

Yes, I have. Rye has not. In my case, it wasn't great, but that was all that-dude-was-shitty-and-not-a-generous-or-attentive-lover-related, so no judgements on age difference sex coming from me. Fuck who you want!

Unless you're 10 and he's 20, then that's illegal and REALLY not cool.

Give me a mobile number of a Bangladeshi call girl.

I wouldn't even know where to begin. Though congrats on submitting the weirdest question (Not a question. At all.) so far!

More Than a Mouthful.

Let's allow the captions to do all the talking.

This is pretty much how I dream of V in the summer. You know, without the ciggy.


Thanks for the Noms! And Now...

We asked you lovely perverts earlier today to give us a nomination for "Between the Sheets' Sexiest Bloggers of 2011." With five nominations, a present would be coming your way. We're kind of shocked that we're already at six! You really are a loyal fanbase!

So... how's this for a present?

You may have noticed that we sometimes like to play around with the photos we take, blowing out the saturation, blurring, cropping just so. However, this one is staying untouched.

OK, perhaps a LITTLE edge blur for fun, but that's V in the flesh. The tan flesh.

That skin is thanks to a beach vacation we took not too long ago, which saw the lovely V in a bikini for most of the week. A delight. That we failed to take any photos of!

Oh well, you can have a look at the aftermath...

Sexiest Bloggers of 2011?

Hello lovelies! We come to you today with a favor: Would you take a minute (literally) out of your days, or your wanks (given the photos we shared this morning, this may be a common activity), to give us a nomination on this lovely site?

We're big fans of Between My Sheets and when we were starting out, found a LOT of great sex blogs through the 2009 and 2010 lists.

It's just a jorts kind of day, isn't it?
Perhaps we can be on this year's list for others to seek us out? All it takes is a comment on THIS BLOG POST with our blog address, and maybe the addresses of some of your other favorite bloggers...

Simple as that, really. We know you love us, help us share that love with a whole slew of new folks.

And if you throw in for us, comment here or Tweet at us to let us know, there will be a special treat when we get 5 votes!

Let Simmer.

With all the bullshit we got hit with this summer, somehow we come out the other end just as horny, in love and full of adventure as we ever were.

After all, the obstacles you face only ever help remind you that life is indeed short, potentially even shorter than you'd thought. And your health? Well, your health is unfortunately something that can change drastically when you wake one morning.

Which is just to say, fuck taking it for granted.

Also, fuck on the kitchen counter when you can.


A Harmless Kiss.

So, they're just making out, right? Oh WAIT. Ah ha. That's...


This, Not That.

**As it turns out, they pulled it down. So much for my complaining about Vimeo's inequality. Anyway, we've subbed in a replacement vid for you to enjoy, until it gets pulled down. Have a wank, will you?**

So, you may have noticed that our video was removed from Vimeo not too long ago. Which sucks.

But, you know, it's also on PornHub and XTube, so fear not, sluts.

However, the removal of our sexy, subtle, though moaning orgasm vid and not this one with many more shots of her full pussy begs several questions. Like, why can't Vimeo just allow porn? You know, good porn. Sexy porn. Homemade, indie hipster porn for people like us! Sigh...


What is your favorite pre-sex activity?

Pre-sex? I take it you mean pre-intercourse? For us, sex takes all shapes, sometimes just mutual masturbation, or jerking off for each other, or oral, or anal or any other form of getting off. We don't count intercourse as the only form of sex and everything before it as intercourse, we have a lot more fun with our sex lives than that.

However, I'd have to say if we're gonna fuck, I love it when Rye sucks on my pussy for a while before he fills me up.

Who gave you the best oral?

Rye, no question. And he better say me (kidding, of COURSE it's me)!

Do you have a preference for circumcised or uncircumcised cocks?

Weirdly, I've only ever been with cut cocks. Not out of any preference, just out of circumstance. So I guess I'll say I have no preference, since I can't review the uncut cock.

Preference schmeference, if it's a nice thick cock, I'm not pushing it away!

Do you read the New York Times or The New York Post?

Times. Fuck the Post.

When will see some new photos on that amazing sex blog of yours?

In time, my lovelies. In time. We just got back, but we won't leave you hanging for too long.

In the meantime, take a look here, that'll keep you busy.

What is your take on velching? Too off-putting to even consider?

I think you mean felching? And yeah, just no. The shit stuff, we're not so much into.

What's your favorite sex toy? - And why?

Hmm. So many to choose from! For me, V, I'll have to go with the Babeland Nubby G, the Hitachi and the OhMiBod (plugs into my iPod and vibrates to the music) as a three-way tie. Also, there are a couple butt plugs moving their way up the list as I get more into ass play as a staple of our sex life.

As for Rye, those Tenga Eggs are up there in frequent usage. But then you'd also have to throw in his prostate toys (as a group) and the strap-on and dildos that I peg him with.

Can you tell we love our toy chest?

A Return: Rough, Rugged and Raw.

And so we return.

While we appreciate the sex bloggers that discuss other details of their lives on their blogs, we're not so into being that type of writer. Which is to say if we're going to your blog to get turned on, we don't want to read about your depression. 

Or injuries. 
Or illness. 
Or why your spouse is a dick. 

And it's because of that desire to keep sexiness separate from those things the polar opposite of it that we won't be filling you in on the details of our disappearance. Needless to say, it wasn't sexy at all. And, lest you're concerned, it had nothing to do with the health of our relationship, which is fucking fantastic, as usual. 

So let's move ahead, shall we? 
And what better way to start than with all that we've been unable to do lately? 
Rough fucking.


Thanks! Sluttery to Follow...

For the kind words.
Lovely and plentiful comments.
Wonderful emails.
Sweet Tweets.
Amazing nominations for Best Sex Blogger of 2011 (we'd love a few more...)!

And, you know, general perverted love from all you perverts and filthy fuckers. We might not be responding to all of the overwhelming love, but know that we saw it all and totally appreciate it. It's nice to be missed.

Speaking of missed, we missed you too. So hold onto your fucking hats! We're back, bitches.