New Video: A Taste of Violet.

This weekend, after a morning stroll to the Farmers' Market, where we were met with a disappointing selection of spring veggies, we headed home to welcome spring in the only other way we know how, a little sex in the sunshine.


Rye's Cunt.

What follows is an email that I sent to Violet the other day, before meeting some friends for drinks.

"When we see each other at the bar tonight, I will have a few things on me.

1. A Sharpie.
2. Arousal balm.

You will take these from my pocket and on your first trip to the bathroom, you will do three things.

1. Rub the arousal balm on your clit and both nipples.
2. Write, where you are able to around your pussy, "Rye's cunt" with the Sharpie.
3. Take a photo of your freshly tagged pussy.

You will hold on to the balm. On return trips to the bathroom, should there be any, you will reapply the balm to your clit and your nipples. Each trip, you will take an additional photo, of whatever you see fit.

When we get home from drinks, there will be additional tasks awaiting you."


Come Here.

Some days are lazy. And much needed.

And on those days, we almost always give it to ourselves.



What You're Missing.

You likely know pretty well by now that we've been making videos for MakeLoveNotPorn.tv. We've been pretty vocal about it, after all.

But we thought we'd help show you, if you still haven't checked out our work on the site (if you have, THANK YOU SO MUCH), just what you're missing.



Almost Twins

I think we all remember how much I loved the LELO Ina. In case you need a memory refresher, I called it the best vibrator ever invented, insisted that you go buy it and even included a David Bowie GIF to convince you. I regret to inform you of some devastating news: the Ina 2 is just not as good.

What I've discovered in the blessed task of reviewing sex toys, is that it's truly a game of inches. In the Ina 2's case, it was an inch in the wrong direction.