As folks contemplating a career that requires being naked on screen, how do you keep in shape? Just yoga? More?

Oh, we're supposed to be in shape? I mean, I guess you could say we are... a shape? 

In all seriousness, that's something we've given a little bit of thought to. Mostly it's yoga, walking everywhere because we live in New York City without a car, a lot of fucking and just eating really well. We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and are careful and aware of where our food comes from. If we do end up doing this for a living, it will certainly be a big priority for us to keep our tight bits tight and our jiggly bits jiggly for all of you perverts.

Oh, and a lot of fucking, did I mention that?


  1. Too modest. Sounds/looks like you lucky ducks have some excellent genes.

  2. Yes, there's definitely a lot of that at play as well!


  3. As long as you don't give up that fantastic thing called food!

    Unless, of course, you are busy fucking... And then you could combine the two for extra stimulation! Muy Bien!

  4. Ha! That hasn't happened here yet, Tsachi, but I'd be shocked if it didn't soon. Food and fucking are our two favorite things.

    - Violet.