A Year in Music.

As many of you know already, Violet and I are SUPER into music. We've got endless stacks of vinyl, go to a ton of shows and are always seeking out the next great record. In short, fucking NERDS. That also happen to be nerds fucking.

One of our Twitter friends requested a list of some great records that came out this year. Some of this is #musictofuckto, some is just really great shit we listened to. And some of it is older stuff that found its way onto the turntable or into our headphones a lot this year.

No record this year, but that doesn't stop our obsession with The National.
In no particular order, but categorized nonetheless:

Frank Ocean. Nostalgia, Ultra.
Charles Bradley. No Time for Dreaming.
Kanye West + Jay-Z. Watch the Throne.
Wise Blood. These Wings.
The Weeknd. House of Balloons.
tUnE-yArDs. w h o k i l l.

Singles to Dance/Fuck To:
Beyonce. Countdown.
The White Panda. Mo Free, Mo Fallin'.

Fuck or Just Listen To:
Kurt Vile. Smoke Ring for My Halo.
Tom Waits. Bad as Me.
Wilco. The Whole Love.
Fleet Foxes. Helplessness Blues.
TV Girl. Benny and the Jetts.
Jens Lekman. An Argument With Myself.
The Roots. Undun.
Bon Iver. Bon Iver.
Beirut. The Rip Tide.
M83. Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
TV on the Radio. Nine Types of Light.
Ryan Adams. Ashes & Fire.
PJ Harvey. Let England Shake.
St. Vincent. Strange Mercy.
Bill Callahan. Apocalypse.
Jacuzzi Boys. Glazin'. 
(Check out the amazingly crazy and NSFW video for title track, Glazin', right here!)

Still Putting in Work:
The Walkmen. Lisbon.
Jacques Brel. Best Of.
Sharon Van Etten. Epic.
Martha + The Vendellas. Watchout.
Metric. Fantasies.
The National. ALL OF IT.
New Orleans Funk. The Original Sound of Funk 1960-75.
Robyn. Body Talk.


  1. Rye & V, you have some great music in your arsenal, but I would be a little remiss if I didn't bring the great Marvin Gaye into this conversation. Show him some love.

  2. You know, we have a whole slew of Marvin on vinyl. Haven't listened to a bunch of it lately so it didn't make the list. But shit, if we were to even delve into some of the records in our collection that were left off of this, it would be INTENSE.

    However, you just gave him a good shout yourself. Shine on, Mr. Gaye.


  3. The Black Keys? New album is crazy good!

  4. Haven't listened to it yet. Gotta say, our interest has waned since Rubber Factory. But we'll give a listen soon I'm sure.

    We also left off Fleet Foxes, which was actually just an oversight. Perhaps I'll sneak it in now...


  5. The National are amazing! Saw them this morning at a taping of Q (http://www.cbc.ca/q/weekly/2011/12/02/this-week-on-q-78/). They debuted two new tracks and then invited Bon Iver to join them for Vanderlyle. Sooo fantastic.

  6. They're SO great live. And yeah, we were all over those new tracks yesterday! And Bon Iver coming up with them? Perfect.


  7. It's not an uncommon fetish for a doting man to ballerina on a coffee table cock in hand

  8. Isn't it though. Saw them two weeks back with the girlfriend in Montreal and it was one of the best shows of my life. So you're both fucking sexy AND have great taste in music. A nice combo

  9. Yes, we are definitely that combo. Missed their Beacon shows in NY, which was heartbreaking. But we'll live.


  10. https://soundcloud.com/terrorhythm/skit-tijani-sweat-mastered-16



    The first 2 are more #musictofuckto, the last one is just fun ;)