What are your favorite things to cook and to eat? Other than avocado!

Rye: While we're not HUGE meat-eaters, I really can make the fuck out of a burger. It's all about the well seasoned cast iron skillet and a good (high) fat content. And the toppings are always fun and different. Last go round, we did a smattering of Old Bay mayonnaise. HOTNESS.

A kitchen trick we still need to learn.
As for eating, my favorite of all the home cooking V does would have to be the tortellini en brodo. Always different, always delicious. The key is a homemade stock, which is a household staple (freeze your veggie scraps and chicken carcasses!). Of course, adding some parmesan rind to that stock as it simmers also doesn't hurt.

The infamous avocado. Whoever asked this question is either a longtime reader or did their archival homework...
And yes, that's cum in there.

Violet: This is such a tough one for me, guys. This is like my personal Sophie's Choice. I love to cook so many things. Scalloped potatoes, every soup that's ever existed, mac and cheese. But, Rye has piped in and is probably correct, the things I like to make most are deviled eggs. There are just endless possibilities on an edible foundation. Who doesn't love that?

My favorite thing to eat is grilled cheese. Always has been, always will be.

I kinda want to sex that.


  1. My girlfriend doesn't like Avocado.
    How that is possible is beyond me...

  2. AH! Guess you'll have to cum in something else and have her eat it then...