Every Fold.

I know I have been going gif crazy on you guys lately. I'm not sorry. They're like the hors d'oeuvres of porn and I can not get enough!

Usually, when I find myself endlessly mesmerized by one of these, I figure I have to share. You guys know that I generally get hardest and wettest for what isn't shown, for what gets left obscured, for what my imagination has to make up for me.  This one shows you everything. Every texture, every fold, every move.

This looks like the softest, most wonderful place in the world and I want to go to there.

Ahem. Rye. I think we should go to here right now.


  1. I just started reading and admiring ur blog. I must say, u two are the cats meow. My spouse and I do share alot of ur likes, and enjoy living the dream. Keep it hot.

  2. Hmm, blogger isn't letting me post a comment without starting a blog. Not happening tonight! Trying again. Sorry if you get some version of this a million times.

    V, you must be feeling better to suggest going to there already ;). But seriously, hope you are feeling OK and get to go to there soon. I paid a visit just a little while ago and definitely recommend a trip.

  3. Sweetgus - So happy you found us! You've got lots of fun to catch up on! And we do love a reader that can and do share us with their partner. Even better!

    Liza - Speaking of someone that shares us with their partner... And nope, only got the one! Thanks for the well wishes, V is doing better and better, sitting next to me and watching food porn.


  4. Pumping the cunt, giving both of you great pleasure..ever had a third person of either sex licking you both as you fuck, then cleaning up the tasty cock and cunt juices after you cum..maybe another couple taking part, so fun and sexy..? I`d love to show you..