Birkin, Seberg, Deneuve.

Today's post is dedicated to women of the past. Oftentimes, when asked what famous women I want to fuck, I come up pretty empty handed. I struggle with it. What does it mean? What is it about the current female actors that just don't do it for me?

This, of course, will lead you back to our respective lists of people we want to fuck. Which, yes, I managed to come up with many. Which means I've gotten better at it. I was allowed some thinking time and pulled it off.

However, when asked this question again when drinking with friends, my answer will be Jean Seberg, Catherine Deneuve and Jane Birkin. At once, preferably.

All French.
All of a different era.
All oozing confidence.
A "fuck it" attitude.
And beautiful eyes.

Call me predictable, but these are the women I (we, really, V's all over this shit) crave.


  1. Last pick looks like Gilligan. Which begs the age old question - Mary Ann or Ginger?

  2. Wow! Sexy women indeed! Thanks for turning me on to them... Jean Seberg looks a whole lot like a friend of mine, which could put some ideas in my head the next time I see her ;)

  3. Gilligan? That's Serge Gainsbourg! The man himself! The legend!

    ...okay, he looks a little like Gilligan...

    And Beatnik, you're quite welcome! Try to keep those perverted thoughts to a maximum next time you're around that Jean lookalike!


  4. I'm loving Jean Seberg, but on my list of current stars I'd like to fuck is definitely Olivia Wilde. It's bittersweet with her though. She tends to play bisexual characters, which is awesome, but she's straight in actuality. Oh, well, she's certainly not straight in my imagination! ;)

  5. I love France !!
    We are sometimes lucky ...

  6. Willow - Oh, if only! She's definitely pretty damn hot. And imagination is all that really matters, isn't it? Next best thing to her tongue on your pussy anyway!

    French - You really, really are.