Need an honest answer. As I am a lover of stockings and thongs, I can't convince my wife to wear them. She has an average build and claims they aren't comfortable. Is that really true? Help!

Well, it doesn't really seem to matter what I think about their comfort on this one, does it? Stockings are honestly not the most comfortable thing in the world. And thongs certainly get more comfortable as you get used to them.

But if Rye told me he wanted to see me in stockings and a thong? I'd fucking wear them for him. As far as requests go, that's an easy one. And I love making him happy.

Maybe discuss something she wants you to do? Trade out those favors and make a night of it. And when the time comes, buy her a nice set, make it special and fucking enjoy each other!


  1. My two cents - thongs really aren't very comfortable (you try wearing one for a while). BUT - when my BF rubs my ass, bites his lip from excitement, and tells me how sexy I am in one, I'll wear them a lot for him... and I have to say that wearing a hot pink lacy thong to work makes me feel extra sexy during the day.

  2. Like so many things I read about on this blog, the thread running through so much of what Rye and V write about, and what I love and admire and hope to do myself, is make my partner's pleasure my business - in fact, there are times I'm going to get tunnel vision in pursuit of her pleasure, times I'm going to make it my sole purpose for being. I'm sure thongs aren't the most comfortable undergarment, but I also think comfort can often take a backseat to pleasure. Bottom line: if my partner has a genuine interest or curiosity or desire, I'm sure as hell going to stretch my comfort zone (or whatever else she needs me to stretch) to accommodate her. Because that's one thing love does, among many, many other things. So....stockings and thongs? That shit should be easy.

  3. Statement of the obvious--how long are they really going to be on anyway? I mean, I will wear stocking and garters out of the house, but they do chafe, so not ideal. Thongs are another matter altogether. Get some Hanky Panky or Cosabella thongs and never look back. They are comfortable and sexy, and VPL is neither.

    Also, it's rather incredible how much the distraction of a delicious and satisfying fuck can make you forget about the garters.

  4. Statement. By which I meant question.

  5. Rhino - REAL. TALK. Dropping truth bombs up in here. Very well said.

    Liza - Another excellent point, as usual. Ideally, they won't be on for long. I will say though, it's worth a few hours of mild discomfort for Rye to know that I'm wearing them out in public, right next to him. It makes him crazy in the best way.

    Another point I neglected to mention, as a relatively young lady, I spent my slutty teenage years in thongs pretty much exclusively. They're just second nature to me at this point, but some really are better than others. Drop a tiny bit of extra money on Cosabella and you will NOT be disappointed.

    - Violet.

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