What are your top tips for making homemade porn? And how do you keep the camera from killing the mood?

Great question! Let's start with the second part of that.

In order to not let it kill the mood, think of it as just another sex adventure. When we're playing around with a camera in hand, it's a different experience, but one that's just as hot as any other sexual experience we have together. It's fun, sexy and a little silly. Just like sex. We're not shooting a bunch of angles and stopping the action to move to different elaborate setups. For the most part, we're just fucking and trying to capture what's going on. And then we edit it together.

Photo by Laurenn McCubbin

And now for the tips:

1. Get a good camera. Like a dSLR, or if not that, a good point and shoot. Canon is making some great camera that also shoot video these days. Your cell phone takes video, but it looks like dogshit, trust us.

2. Lighting. Natural is best. So try to shoot during the daytime, or early evening if it's summertime. Otherwise, you're gonna end up with a lot of shadows and an orangey hue from the crappy lights in your apartment.

3. Find interesting angles to shoot. Don't just show a vagina getting penetrated over and over. Our take on porn is that just because you REALLY want to see that penetration shot doesn't mean we have to give it to you. The WANT for it is sometimes, or in our case, always better than getting what you thought you wanted. We choose what to show you, deliberately and we totally know what we're doing when we do that.

4. Edit. It's key for any film. It's what makes a comedy funny and why Judd Apatow spends months in the edit. It's what make suspense films suspenseful. Porn is no different. Give people what they want, or ALMOST what they want, and then give them something different. iMovie has made editing video VERY easy, so you have no excuse if you've got a decent home computer.

5. Think about your sound. Whether you add music or not is up to you. But a TV playing news in the background is just depressing. And if you're not normally loud when you fuck (we're always loud), try being loud when you fuck. It lets the other person know you're having a good time and it makes our dick hard/pussy wet when we watch you. And if you want to add music, pick something that goes with the pacing and tone of your video.


  1. Hey - that is my photo. I do not mind you using it, but you need to credit me. Thanks!

    Laurenn McCubbin

    1. Two years later...laurenn i loved that shot!

  2. So sorry, Laurenn, consider it fixed!

    And thanks for allowing its use!