Looking back on your experience you've shared with us all on this site -is there anything you wish you wouldn't have put out there after the fact?

Well, I wouldn't say that. In the spirit of absolute honesty with you people, I will say this: once my ass (literally) showed up on Fleshbot, we did a very careful combing of the pictures of us in our place. We ended up either editing or removing quite a few pictures that showed just a little too much.

If and when we get our way, everyone in the world will think that two people who love each other and love fucking each other is a totally normal thing to want to share and talk about. Until then, we have to try to stay under the radar, just a little.

So far, for us, this has been a completely gratifying experience. It's made us more honest with each other, more daring. Also, as two pretty creative people, this is one of the first places our writing, photography and filmmaking have been well received and really recognized. We feel so lucky to have cultivated the readers and porn friends we've come across so far.

Is there anything we've posted that's made you guys think, "oh gosh, are you sure you want that out there?"


  1. Wanting to share the 'love' - yes I totally agree...
    Its a shame really that one has to be anonymous and it isn't yet 'normal'

  2. I am relatively new to your site and I LOVE everything you do... Reading and seeing your photos have given me more confidence than I've EVER had to treat "the boy" to some special treats that have been inspired by you two.. Thankyou from Australia xx

  3. My husband and I have been together for 9 years now. After we hard our first baby together nearly 4 years ago, my sex drive was suddenly gone. I had zero interest in sex. It was like my body felt it had done its job and it was closed for business. I started looking for things to read about sex, my husband needed to have his lover back. I stumbled across your site a few months ago and the two of you have honestly helped me get my mojo back. We are now shacking up as much as we did when we first started dating. We are also trying lots of new things, I wasn't daring enough to try before. Thanks for being so open about your sex life. You truly have helped save mine. Now im working up the courage to peg him. Hes certainly interested, but im still a little bit too shy.

  4. SophieX - Totally agree! A shame in every way.

    Tan - Wow, thanks for piping in! Happy to have you! And it sounds like that BF of yours will be pretty thrilled you've been visiting our site as well. ;)

    Anon - We LOVE getting comments like these, it really makes us feel like we're putting important stuff out there and helps us in those moments when we start to think about what exactly we're doing by putting graphic photos and videos of ourselves online (not a thought TOO often, but it happens), so thanks for adding more fuel to our fire. We're really excited to hear there's another couple out there making things work and enjoying each other completely, and take huge pride in knowing that we had any small part in making that happen! So, thank YOU too.