How did the blog name come about?

Well, as I'm sure will surprise exactly no one, Rye and I are fairly professional eaters. Our lives pretty much revolve around food when we're not talking to you people about fucking each other.

We find our appetites to be uncommon in most every aspect of our lives.

Our appetite for food and drink.
Our appetite for new experiences.
Our appetite for each other.

These appetites are uncommon in that we're significantly hungrier than most people for all of these things, but also uncommon in that these appetites are completely our own, completely honest and a bit off-center from the norm. We like to play with our food, play with each other and play with other people's expectations. We also try to embrace every challenge, every delight with the same relish we would crisp chicken skin or oozy burrata. Our name is a distilled expression of how we try to live our lives every day.



  1. Professional eaters? Not sure I've seen any posts on food alone here. I know, sounds pathetic, but I am a food/wine blogger...

  2. Food - Indeed! Though, we tend to keep those two relatively separate, we've had a few posts about food, which you should be able to find through the tags. Perhaps someday we'll bring the two together a bit more. We definitely believe that passion breeds passion. So our love for food, drink and music all tie into our passion for sex and each other. If you have no passion, we've got nothing to talk to you about.

    Nerdy - Thanks! We think so too!